Beaxy 2.0 Arrives: A New Generation of Trading

Beaxy 2.0 Arrives: A New Generation of Trading

Beaxy Exchange announces the production deployment of Beaxy 2.0, a full-scale redesign of the Beaxy exchange platform! Significant new technology and design elements are being delivered to Beaxy users with this platform overhaul. New 2.0 features include:


  • Improved UI and brand design
  • Enhanced back-end technology
  • Easy-to-use mobile applications 
  • Healthy order books and a usable exchange design


Commenting on this new exchange vision, Co-President Bay Abbott noted, “Any time you have an opportunity to take every aspect of your business to the next level you have to act diligently and relentlessly to make that happen. The coming months will see us revolutionizing every aspect of our business, from the design to technology, to the user experience, to the tools we provide you. Even our messaging and brand attitudes will change. All in an effort to bring you the best version of Beaxy we can.” 

To accommodate long-standing requests from Beaxy’s users for mobile trading, they will release an app-based version of the new platform for iOS and Android in the coming week. The digital asset exchange is aiming to provide its users with a fully powered and feature-rich trading experience on the go, removing any limitations based on accessibility.

“We’ve been eager to build a mobile app for our platform since we launched our original platform. We know that this is something that traders really want and it’s something that will make Beaxy more attractive to those currently trading on other exchanges”, added Co-President Nick Murphy.

In addition to the highly anticipated deployment of mobile apps, the new exchange design includes branding and design parameter upgrades, a highly capable exchange engine, and a significantly increased focus on user experience. Dozens of new features and integrations will be added over the coming months, as the company expands upon its new vision.

Additional features to be added include:


Custody & Insurance


  • Funds are stored safely via custody solutions.
  • The value of custodied crypto is insured.
  • Peace of mind to trade your crypto on Beaxy.


Fiat on and off-ramp


  • Connect your bank account to seamlessly move funds to and from the exchange.
  • Purchase digital assets with your debit or credit card.
  • Fund your account with a wire transfer.


Loyalty and Rewards Programs


  • An exchange token that gives back.
  • Get rewarded for your on-exchange activity.
  • Rewards competitive with the best staking programs in crypto


Modular UI


  • Trade your way. Utilize your fully-customizable trading panels. 
  • Build the trading setup that suits you best.
  • Add, remove, and resize different trading panels.

Check out the new platform for yourself.

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