Beaxy Black: VIP Membership Rewards

March 25, 2021 | 

Beaxy Black: VIP Membership Rewards

Beaxy Black is a membership-based trading group for Beaxy’s VIP clients. Membership is free and you can opt-out at any time.

As a member of Beaxy Black, you can take advantage of exclusive support and promotions that include:

  • Up to 30%trading fee rebate, paid out monthly in bitcoin.
  • Recurring trading competitions with prizes for the top traders by monthly volume.
  • New perks every month.
  • Direct support from the Beaxy team when you need it.
  • Strategies and guidance from other traders.
  • A premier trading bot community.

And more!

Monthly Competitions

Monthly Competitions

Once your account has been enrolled in Beaxy Black, you will automatically be entered into recurring trading contests that begin and end on the first and last day of each month.

Win prizes by generating more trading volume to finish at the top of the leaderboard. Certain rounds contain challenges that allow you to multiply your volume by using trading bots, trading specific pairs, or for consecutive days.

Prizes vary month to month and are paid out to the top 3-10 or all traders depending on the prize.

Examples of monthly prizes include:

  • 6-Month STK locking up to 999,999 BXY.
  • 1 Fee tier advancement (further reduce your trading fees).
  • Juiced referral links (earn up to 50% on referral trading fees).

Trading Fee Rebates

Beaxy Black members receive a trading fee rebate each month that is paid out in BTC. Rebates are based on your trading tier which is determined by your average daily volume. Rebates start at 5% for traders in Tier 1 and scale up to 30% back for traders in Tier 6.

Trading Fee Rebates

Rebate tiers are determined by the participant’s average daily volume (ADV) in the current round and are distributed in Bitcoin the first week of the following round.

Direct Access to the Beaxy Team

Upon acceptance into the Beaxy Black trading group, you will receive an invitation to the exclusive BB Telegram channel where you can:

  • Directly connect with the Beaxy team.
  • Discuss what you would like to be implemented on the exchange.
  • Strategize with other traders in the group.
  • Get insights into Beaxy and our plans for the future.
  • Participate in exclusive AMA’s between Beaxy leadership and the members of Beaxy Black.

Click below to submit your application and begin receiving Beaxy Black VIP membership rewards!

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