Beaxy Deposit Bonus: A 66% Upfront Rebate on Trading Fees

April 20, 2021 | 

Beaxy is running a one-of-a-kind deposit bonus promotion. You can trade with your fess before you spend them by opting in to the program and making a deposit. Your deposit(s) will be matched up to $500 by Beaxy.

For example, when you enroll in the program and deposit $1,000 worth of fiat or crypto, you will receive an additional 500 USDC to trade with. Full terms and conditions apply.

How to Get Bonus Funds:

To enroll in the deposit bonus program, click here and log in if you’re an existing customer or sign up if you need to register an account.

After logging in or creating an account, you will arrive at the trading platform where you can opt-in to the program by clicking Participate before you make your next deposit.

Beaxy Deposit Bonus: A 66% Upfront Rebate on Trading Fees

That’s it! Once your deposit hits your account, a credit for your bonus funds based on the USDC value of your deposit will be applied within 24 hours.

How Does the Deposit Bonus Work?

Bonus funds can be used to trade throughout the duration of the program. If you opt-in to the program, you will continue to receive bonus funds on each deposit until 500 USDC has been credited to your account. Bonus funds will not be applied to deposits made more than one month after your initial bonus funds have been credited.

In order to withdraw bonus funds from the exchange, you must meet a trading fee threshold based on the value of your bonus within six months of receiving the bonus. The bonus works as a rebate on your trading fees that is paid to you in advance so that you can trade with more today.

If you intend to generate $375,000 or more in volume, your trading fees would cost roughly $750. By opting into the deposit bonus program, Beaxy is giving you $500 of those fees back in advance so that you can put them to work the market now. Once you’ve generated enough volume, the $500 bonus will become eligible to withdraw.

Trading fees may vary based on maker and taker orders, please see the below-estimated requirements based on volume.

Beaxy Deposit Bonus: A 66% Upfront Rebate on Trading Fees

Figures are estimated based on average trading fees. Actual requirements will vary.

If you want to withdraw your deposited (non-bonus) funds before reaching your required volume threshold, you will need to open a support ticket. The amount that will be available for withdrawal is the value of your original deposit minus trading fees and any realized or unrealized gains or losses on trading activity during the program.

Opting out of the program before meeting the required fee threshold will result in a forfeiture of your bonus funds and profits generated while enrolled. You may be asked to close all open positions before withdrawing your deposited funds.

In the event that you want to withdraw deposited funds and have realized or unrealized losses that exceed the amount of your bonus, you will be required to deposit the USDC equivalent of the losses to enable withdrawals on your account. For example, you deposit $500 worth of bitcoin and receive a 500 USDC bonus and open a position worth 1,000 USDC. A month later, the USDC value of your position drops to $450. In this case, you would be required to deposit $50 worth of assets in order to enable withdrawals on your account.

Getting the Most Out of Your NEW $500.

1.) Beaxy’s bot options, Hummingbot, Gunbot, and Autonio, are there to make autopilot trading EASY.

2.) Follow along with our pre-populated signals supplied by Beaxy’s PROVEN provider to take the guesswork out of trading.

3.) Participate in our recurring trading competitions to maximize your new MONEY.

Check out these guides for Hummingbot and Gunbot for more detailed instructions on setting up and running a trading bot successfully.