Beaxy Exchange: 2020 Recap

January 28, 2021 | 

Beaxy Exchange: 2020 Recap

Here’s a timeline of Beaxy’s year in 2020. The development, marketing, and operations teams collaborated to produce and promote 101 new implementations. Check out this recap of the top releases from 2020.

Beaxy Exchange 2.0 & Mobile Application

For Beaxy Exchange, 2020 really began with the beta launches for our 2.0 platform and mobile application. The process of curating a large focus group and testing different elements of our revamped platforms was equal parts exciting and challenging. Over the months of January and February, with a ton of work and a lot of help for our community, we refined and improved our beta platform and mobile app to the point that they were ready for a full public launch. With these solid foundations laid, the team went to work over the next 10 months implementing all of the following features, partnerships, integrations, programs, listings, and more.

Feature Releases

There was no shortage of feature releases in 2020. Our team worked throughout the year to bring additional functionality to the platform wherever it made sense. In 2021, we look forward to improving these releases and delivering new capabilities that will improve our trader’s experience on Beaxy.

Beaxy’s top feature releases for 2020:

  • TradingView charts were integrated into the trading platform on March 31st.
  • Beaxy’s Trading API was released on May 7th.
  • Stop-Loss orders were added to the trading platform on May 19th.
  • A ‘Light mode’ option was enabled on the trading platform on June 17th.
  • Order Updates Order (OUO) orders were added to the trading platform on July 2nd.
  • Bixie, the assistive chatbot, was released on July 16th.
  • Signals, Beaxy’s exclusive AI trading tool, was released on July 24th.
  • Trender, the swipe-to-trade assistive analysis tool, was launched on the Beaxy Exchange mobile app on July 28th.
  • An in-depth exchange tutorial was added to the platform on August 10th.
  • A personal volume display was added to the platform on August 12th.
  • Modular or customizable UI was added to the platform on October 12th.

Partnerships & Integrations

One of the biggest improvements that helped drive Beaxy’s growth from 2019 to 2020 was partnerships and third party integrations. Over the past 12 months, we’ve partnered with some of crypto’s most respected names that lead to the following integrations:

  • Through Beaxy’s partnership with Simplex, credit and debit card purchases were added to the platform on April 21st.
  • Through Beaxy’s partnership with Curv, advanced custody protection began covering the assets held on Beaxy on April 30th, 2020.
  • HolderLabs, a service that automates passive asset management for cryptocurrency, was integrated into the platform on June 29th.
  • Through Beaxy’s US Trust partner, Prime Trust, wire transfer and trading support for USD was added on July 13th.
  • Hummingbot, the market maker trading bot, was integrated into the platform on August 28th.
  • Through Beaxy’s partnership with Gunbot, the popular trading bot was integrated into the platform on November 2nd.
  • Through Beaxy’s partnership with Fabriik Markets, we launched the first BSV-USD trading pair offered on a U.S. cryptocurrency exchange on December 16th.

Client Benefit Programs & Contests

Another primary driver of Beaxy’s success in 2020 was the benefit programs and contests that we ran. In an effort to offer our traders benefits that they wouldn’t get anywhere else, we created the following programs to reward our traders:

  • Beaxy Black, the VIP membership program that gives you up to 30% of your trading fees back, was launched on June 23rd.
  • Beaxy’s Deposit Match Bonus program was launched on August 4th.
  • STK, Beaxy’s loyalty rewards program, was released on September 3rd.
  • The Friday Five Newsletter began circulating on September 4th.
  • Beaxy’s Pay with BXY program was revamped with larger rewards on November 13th.
  • Beaxy’s affiliate program that pays you 30% of the trading fees generated from accounts you refer, was on December 8th.

Assets Listed on Beaxy

In 2020 we added more than a dozen new trading pairs including fiat to crypto pairs that allowed our traders to deposit, withdraw, and trade with USD. In 2021, we will add to our listings. Beginning with additional fiat currency pairs. Support for EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, and AUD will be added to the platform in Q1 of 2021.

The assets listed and trading pairs added in 2020:

  • USDC/USDT trading pair was listed on May 5th.
  • Chainlink trading pair (LINK-BTC) was listed on May 22nd.
  • Dragonchain trading pair (DRGN-BTC) was listed on June 1st.
  • Two USD trading pairs (BTC-USD,ETH-USD) were listed on July 13th.
  • Stakenet trading pair (XSN-BTC) was listed on August 6th.
  • Aleph trading pair (ALEPH-ETH) was listed on August 19th.
  • Hive trading pair (HIVE-BTC) was listed on October 22nd.
  • Gunthy trading pair (GUNTHY-BTC) was listed on October 26th.
  • A second Dragonchain pair (DRGN-USD) was listed on November 23rd.
  • Two BitcoinSV trading pairs (BSV-BTC,BSV-USD) were listed on December 16th.
  • A second Tether pair (BTC-USDT) was listed on December 24th.

Looking Ahead: 2021

In 2021, Beaxy Exchange will continue building, expanding, and improving on everything that the platform has to offer. To all of our existing traders, thank you for taking part and contributing to our growth over the last 12 months. For everyone else, we invite you to create your account today and follow us on this exciting journey into 2021 and beyond.

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