Beaxy Leverages Blockdaemon’s Node Solutions

August 31, 2021 | 

Beaxy Leverages Blockdaemon’s Node Solutions

Beaxy Exchange has partnered with Blockdaemon to leverage its advanced node infrastructure solutions to expand the trading platform’s capabilities and performance.

Blockdaemon Inc.

Blockdaemon specializes in advanced blockchain infrastructure solutions that are giving crypto companies a boost with their staking and node management capabilities.

After a disappointing experience deploying an Ethereum node in 2017, Blockdaemon’s CEO Konstantin Richter knew that a better system had to be created in order for blockchain technology to scale effectively.

Enter Blockdaemon. Since it was founded in 2017, it has grown to become the industry’s top infrastructure as a service company. Blockdaemon’s node infrastructure delivers convenient, scalable, and secure products that crypto companies like Beaxy can plug directly into.

Developers are often tasked with creating applications that require a high degree of data integrity and processing speed. Blockdaemon’s full node infrastructure solutions provide access to powerful tools that mitigate the effects of these obstacles.

It’s worth mentioning that Blockdaemon backs its node infrastructure products with a guarantee that protects its clients from loss of funds or platform downtime.

The strength of the node infrastructure is enforced by high-traffic, fault-tolerant nodes with built-in redundancies that prevent node failures from taking a network down.

Beaxy and Blockdaemon

Beaxy Leverages Blockdaemon’s Node Solutions

Starting today, Beaxy will begin leveraging Blockdaemon’s node infrastructure solutions. What does this mean for our traders? Beaxy’s clients will now enjoy improvements in speed, reliability, and security for transfers to and from the exchange.

Cooper Craighead, Head of Customer Support at Beaxy, commenting on the Blockdaemon integration, “Up to this point all of the monitoring, updating, and adaptation to account for constantly changing security environments and hard forks had to be done in house at a high cost. Blockdaemon’s node solution comes with 24/7 monitoring that will help catch technical issues before they snowball into long maintenance periods. Anyone who has run even a single node on one network before will tell you – they’re resource hungry. Blockdaemon’s scaling cloud solution will allow our infrastructure to operate with less overhead making it lighter and faster.”

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As a cryptocurrency trader or investor, node reliability is paramount to your ability to efficiently move digital assets from one market to another. Thanks to Blockdaemon’s advanced node infrastructure solutions, Beaxy provides its clients with access to the industry’s most reliable and secure infrastructure for blockchain products.

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