Brave Browser: Reliable and Innovative

June 05, 2021 | 

Brave Browser: Reliable and Innovative

If there is one word that we can use to describe the Brave browser, it is “unique”. But in our book, it could stretch farther into words like “practical” and “helpful”. Why is that? The adjectives are owed to the browser’s business model which does away with the ads that websites are commonly furnished with, takes its own ads as replacements, and gives the visitors and users of the sites an option to receive money for consuming the ads.

The term, “Brave” might indeed be the most apt name for the entity primarily because it had chosen to step out of the confines of what websites usually are formatted to be with consideration to its earning potential.

Here, we’ll get to know how the Brave browser works and what its users are in for when they choose to use it as an everyday browser.

Brave Browser: How It Works

The Brave browser works just like any other browser in the mainstream market. Downloading and using it is free of charge. The browser is focused on user privacy. It blocks unwanted ads and tracking mechanisms that are usually implemented on websites.

Having been launched in January 2016, the Brave browser is relatively young compared to the more well-known browsers. It was conceptualized by JavaScript creator, Brendan Eich, the coder who was a part of the team that created Mozilla Firefox.

The most unique aspect of Brave’s functionality is the native digital asset associated with it. This asset is called Basic Attention Token and is available to buy, sell, or trade on Beaxy Exchange. The BAT token is used to reward Brave browser viewers for the ads that they consume while using the browser. This is a much more beneficial experience relative to competing browsers that do not reward users for viewing ads and even sell their private data in the process.

The Brave Browser

Brave Browser: Reliable and Innovative

If it is decentralized, how does Brave exist in terms of structure?

Brave actually subsists in Chromium. Google uses this as well so that it may be offered with the necessary source codes. The Brave browser is powered by the same technology that runs rendering engines and script engines. The same could be said of browsers such as Opera, Qihoo 360 (a well-known Chinese browser), and Vivaldi.

With this commonality in internal structure, Brave can incorporate add-ons and themes that are created for Chrome.

The Benefits of Using Brave Browser

Speed of navigation and rendering of search results and holistic privacy.

Exponential gains in speed are achieved through the elimination of resource-intensive ads and their trackers. Brave browser does away with the burdensome data that the other browsers generate through downloads or by simply opening of a site.

By removing ad trackers, Brave makes it easy to disregard advertisers put out in hypertext. These advertisers can identify website visitors, frequent or not, and follow them soon after. In addition, Brave also commits to not storing user data on its servers. The founder assures that user data would not be compromised.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) on Beaxy Exchange

Brave has been a catalyst for other browsers to adopt the same technology that enhances user’s privacy while browsing the web. Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari had all followed suit to attract users and speed up their internal performance. On top of this, as also highlighted with Brave, their adoption of protocols improved their privacy offerings.

It must also be noted that if we look at the browser deeper, Brave has only managed to create an ecosystem for ads that takes the place of what it removes from sites. The ads that it puts in place are not like the ads generated by Google. These are not targeted. Instead, they are created without anyone or any demographic in mind. Brave preferred the use of this mechanism as opposed to completely removing ads as it recognizes the benefits provided to the entire ecosystem. By offering rewards for viewing ads, Brave was able to grow a large userbase in a relatively short amount of time.

If we are to look at Brave’s proponent, we would find out that it is indeed user-centric. With this in mind, the ads that the browser generates share a different nature. It comes in pop-ups, very much like in-browser notifications requested by sites displayed for site visitors to see. As mentioned, these rewards are paid out in BAT, the native token of the Brave ecosystem. This has created a vast market of buyers and sellers that create supply and demand for the token. Beaxy is proud to support this project by providing an additional market for the BAT token.

BAT: Brave’s Payment Means and Funding

Brave Browser: Reliable and Innovative

Beyond being a reward for ads, the Basic Attention Tokens or simply, BAT, is a means by which the Brave economy administers payments more braodly. Tokens are duly awarded to users through their engagement with ads. Additionally, Brave also plans on having users spend their BAT tokens for more advanced or premium features from the sites that it allows access to. BAT can also be used to purchased access to Brave’s proprietary Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Brave receives monetary backup through a share of the revenue from ads. If we are to find what actually separates it from other browsers, then this is definitely it. Essentially, Brave had positioned itself in the middle of the revenue stream. It receives 15% from publisher ads, while another 30% from user ads.

In a statement taken from the white paper, the team behind Brave said that it is going to use a part of those earnings to construct another blockchain system that caters to advertising.

The Takeaway: Why Brave is a Viable Browser Option

All in all, despite Brave not being the only browser that offers the option of dismissing annoying ads, the fact of the matter is, it can be applauded for being first one to figure out how to incentive ad engagement by rewarding users with BAT tokens.

What really sells the browser is its payment and funding method. Its employment of cryptocurrency does subject it to the risks that all digital assets are open to. However, with the current situation of the economy, the apparent recovery of the industry from the Mid-May Bitcoin crash, cryptocurrencies are primed to become the most resilient assets in the market today. This, alongside Brave’s provision of ad elimination and greater privacy, make it a powerful and reliable browser.

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