Crypto to Fiat: How to convert BTC to EUR on Beaxy Exchange

March 19, 2021 | 

Crypto to Fiat: How to convert BTC to EUR on Beaxy Exchange

BTC to EUR: Beaxy’s Two-Way Fiat Options

Traders on Beaxy Exchange are able to use SEPA transfers for deposits and international SWIFT wire transfers for Euro withdrawals. These transfer methods generally settle and are available to trade and withdrawal in as little as 24 hours. Considering cryptocurrency’s extreme price volatility, waiting 3 to 5 days for ACH transfers is rarely ideal. With wire transfers, you eliminate significant price risk by being able to onboard your Euros faster.

To get started funding your Beaxy account with Euros, go to the Deposit Fiat tab in the My Account section of the trading platform. If you haven’t already, submit some basic pieces of information to complete the level 2 verification that is required to enable fiat currency transfers in your account. Once you have navigated to the Deposit Fiat section, select Euros from the dropdown currency menu, then follow the instructions for sending your Euros. Please note that because our banking partner is in the Eurozone, this transfer will most likely function as a SEPA transfer (as opposed to a SWIFT transfer) if you are sending Euros from a bank inside the Eurozone.

To get verified quicker, use these tips:

  • All four corners of your document should be visible
  • The information matches your document exactly
  • Document photos are taken in bright lighting
  • The document is not expired

Once your level 2 verification is approved, you’re all set to fund your account with Euros via wire transfer. There are two ways to add euros to your beaxy wallet. You can send a wire transfer from your Euro-denominated bank account or you can fund your account with Bitcoin (BTC) and convert them to EUR on the EUR-BTC trading pair.

To withdraw a EUR balance to your bank account, initiate a wire transfer by navigating to the Withdrawal Fiat tab. From there, enter the wire instructions for your bank account as well as the amount of EUR that you want to withdraw and click Request Withdrawal. Please note that our banking partner requires that you obtain the information for your bank and your bank’s intermediary banking partner, if applicable. Please check with your banking institution to obtain this information.

Coming Soon to Beaxy Exchange

Don’t use USD or EUR as your primary fiat currency? Check back soon. In Q1 of 2021, Beaxy will add support for deposits, withdrawals, and cryptocurrency trading pairs with:

  • GBP
  • JPY
  • CAD
  • AUD

Once the additional fiat currencies have been launched, every Beaxy Exchange client will have access to trade in and out of six of the most popular national currencies.

Converting Euros to Cryptocurrency with Credit and Debit Cards

Exchange your EUR into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether instantly when you make a purchase with a credit or debit card. To purchase crypto with EUR by using your debit or credit card, click on the Buy Crypto tab in the My Account section of the trading platform. Next, select EUR from the dropdown on the left and determine which cryptocurrency you want to buy.

See the below example of an EUR to BTC transaction for €1,000.

To complete your credit or debit card purchase with Euros, Click Go to payment and provide the information on your card. Once complete, the crypto you purchase will be added to your available balance on Beaxy Exchange.

Crypto to Fiat: How to convert BTC to EUR on Beaxy Exchange

Check out the full list of accepted currencies when you use a credit or debit card on Beaxy:


Getting Started: Beaxy’s BTC to EUR Trading Pair

Moving Euros in and out of the cryptocurrency markets has never been easier. Sign up today to buy, sell, or trade USD on a secure, compliant exchange.

On average, your account will be verified in less than 5 minutes. Through Beaxy’s partner, Prime Trust, your EUR deposits are protected by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 equivalent value.

Creating an account on Beaxy Exchange gives you access to:

  • Double your stack when you opt-in to the Deposit Bonus program
  • Buy, sell, or trade dozens of popular cryptocurrencies
  • Access revolutionary trading tools like Trender and Signals
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  • Download the Beaxy Exchange mobile app for iOS and Android.