How to Buy or Sell crypto with fiat currencies on Beaxy?

July 09, 2020 | 

How to Buy or Sell crypto with fiat currencies on Beaxy?

Beaxy got designed to allow customers to purchase and sell crypto quickly. The platform displays all cryptos that may get bought. You only need to go through the list to find the crypto you want. Once you get your currency, there is also a page that describes it in detail, and the option of purchasing it is available on the website.

To purchase or sell cryptocurrency on Beaxy requires only one click. On the Beaxy website, choose the currency you want and the amount you wish to spend. After that, select your digital asset and click the “buy” icon to complete the process.

The moment you pick the cryptocurrency you want; an order gets created and taken to an order book. Every order book on Beaxy has orders to purchase or sell an asset determined by customers. The requests get matched by the site system. The moment your trade gets matched, you will get your cryptocurrency. Many times, the matching happens instantly.

You can buy cryptocurrency on Beaxy using a bank account, debit card, credit card, or even wire transfer.

Beaxy as an all-in-one exchange for both fiat and crypto 

These days, most individuals purchase and sell shares, crypto, coins, and so on. The main objective of using Beaxy is to gain money, and besides that, there are additional pleasures. People have freedom; they can decide when and where to work. To save and increase savings also, people need to convert into one stable currency.

Crypto gets applied in every life sphere. Whether it is health, banking, trading, or anywhere else, cryptocurrency has become very convenient. Most exchanges have several challenges that will slow the development process. 

Beaxy is among the few exchanges that offer low commission, high functionality, safety, and easy to use interface. It combines various crypto segments for users.

Things to consider when choosing Beaxy exchange for both fiat and cryptocurrency

Several things must be put into consideration when selecting an exchange. The main ones include:

1. Safety 

Beaxy takes users’ safety seriously. When you join the site, you will receive a confirmation email, which is active for thirty minutes. When your account is opened, you can access it and enable 2-factor authentication.  Doing so greatly increases the security of your account.

2. Ease of use

Most exchanges have inconvenient interfaces and are complicated to use. The Beaxy interface looks elegant and straightforward. Even if you are new to fiat and cryptocurrency exchanges, you will never have any challenge using it. Thanks to its interactive and straightforward user interface, you can quickly trade-in many cryptos and fiat. “The service also provides videos and articles where starters can get useful information.”

3. More programs for the stimulation of customers

Beaxy has a referral program that offers users a chance to gain profit. “Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will be interested in these profits.

‘ The program has convenient rules allowing customers to invite other people and get ten percent of their transactional fees. The people who join also get Platinum status for sixty days. Platinum users enjoy a twenty percent discount. Besides that, Beaxy also uses a multi-level system that lets people get discounts.

Benefits of Beaxy as a fiat and crypto exchange

Beaxy has several benefits as the best fiat and cryptocurrency exchange. Among them are:

1. Listing new currencies

When operating an exchange and driving traffic, listing new currencies is crucial. Beaxy ensures to seek out the final projects and adds coins faster than other platforms.

2. Smart features

Beaxy provides smart features. The platform also includes extensive schedules, managing tools, alerts about costs, and much more.

3. Mobile service

The service is available both on iOS and Android devices. The mobile app has critical functions, and it includes cost alerts, crypto trackers, and real-time order warnings. 

4. Technology

The platform utilizes the technology of most significant organizations for high throughput, less latency database functioning. The technology supports many processes per second with a minimized delay.

Other fiat and crypto exchanges

Apart from Beaxy, there are other exchanges for trading crypto with fiat coins. They include:

1. Coinmama

The exchange operates in nearly every nation. It has the most limits for purchasing BTC using a credit card. It is also safe and reliable.

2. eToro

The exchange supports BTC, ETH, and fifteen other currencies. It has eleven payments options, among them is PayPal. Users can trade fast, and the limits are high.

3. Coinbase

The exchange offers a quick and straightforward way to buy BTC, ETH, LTC, and several other coins. The service caters to users in more than thirty nations. Among them are the US and Australia.

4. Binance

The exchange supports many cryptocurrencies. It is highly liquid and has two-factor authentication.

5. Bittrex

The exchange is among the biggest crypto platforms that exist. It is ideal for small and big traders. It also features high volumes on all pairs.

6. CEX platform

The exchange has several payment methods. Its other features include margin trading, crypto staking, and legal compliance. It provides an exchange for BTC, ETH, and many other cryptos, and even BTC/ETC trading against the dollar.

The difference between fiat exchanges and pure crypto exchanges

“A cryptocurrency like XRP is an excellent example to use to show how fiat exchanges and crypto exchanges differ.” 

By the end of 2019, XRP was number three in the list of the biggest cryptos. Many people in the US use Coinbase exchange to purchase crypto; however, it does not sell XRP.

To get XRP, you should use Coinbase first. Coinbase is a fiat exchange, use it to purchase Bitcoin using a credit card or bank. After getting BTC, send it to a pure crypto exchange, such as Binance.

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