New on Beaxy Exchange:

August 19, 2020 | 

New on Beaxy Exchange:

DeFi Gets an Ecosystem

The rapid proliferation and success of decentralized finance (DeFi) is paving the way for widespread adoption of decentralized applications (dApps), but there are still a few remaining roadblocks for dApps including their lack of speed, blockchain interoperability, and reliability. The Network

Enter – was built to “decentralize the last mile of DeFi,” running as a layer two network allowing for multi-chain translatability and communication. Through decentralizing the storage, computing, and security infrastructure around DeFi, aims to resolve key scalability issues while reducing transaction costs across networks.

Decentralized Systems decentralizes the infrastructure required to scale dApps which still rely on some centralized components (order books, pricing feeds, routing engines, etc).  These centralized dependencies leave current DeFi systems vulnerable to exploitation. currently integrates with the Ethereum, Nuls, and NEO blockchains and is in the process of integrating with Binance, Celo, and Polkadot chains.  By enabling cross-chain interoperability, is moving the blockchain community away from the present “silo” paradigm where each network is its own enclave of walled-in knowledge and information.  For example, whenever an on-chain transaction or message has previously been signed on one of’s supported blockchains, it can instantly be accepted by the network. At present, the database and storage products are live while more capabilities will be coming online later this year. 

ALEPH: The Token

Native Token: ALEPH

Circulating Supply: 53,566,993

Total Supply: 500,000,000

ALEPH is utilized in a few primary ways on the network.  For fees, only a native token can be spent instantly to pay for services like file storage and computing.  As an incentive, the token is used as a reward for each signed message to the blockchain and as a reward for storing application data and API availability.  Users can earn tokens through activities like running a network node, staking, or providing liquidity on the Uniswap pools.

Decentralized application owners, IoT suppliers and others can incentivize nodes to synchronise their data on-chain. If a dApp or channel needs more processing power (intensive virtual machines), it’s execution by the nodes is incentivized. In the same way, the storage of an item (post, files, dApp data, time series of sensors …) can be paid for by either the channel owner (dApp owner) or the end user.

The total circulating supply will be approximately 65.4 million ALEPH by the end of December 2020.  The circulating supply will increase 0.9 million (from the Incentive Pool) per month until 01 September 2020. At this time the circulating supply of ALEPH will increase by 3.4 million per month (2.5 million from the Company Pool, 0.9 million from the Incentive Pool) through the end of December 2020.  Starting January 2021, the monthly unlocked supply will increase to 4.85 million per month (2.5 million from the Company Pool, 1 million from the Marketing Pool, 1.35 million from the Incentive Pool).  By the end of June 2021, the circulating supply will be approximately 94.5 million ALEPH tokens. Starting July 2021, 1 million per month will be unlocked for the Innovation Pool. If all of the unlocked funds are used, the circulating supply of ALEPH will be approximately 129.6 million tokens by the end of 2021.

New on Beaxy Exchange:

What’s next? has big plans to move decentralized finance forward. See what the team plans to incorporate into their ecosystem:

  • nodes with staking in late 2020
  • CPU computing (a wasm enabled docker-like container env)
  • GPU support
  • Decentralized Historical Price Feeds – Jarvis.Network and Chainlink (To Be Announced)
  • Decentralized Identity and KYC/KYB – Ledger and Synaps (To Be Announced)

Wider Use Cases

Take a look at the additional services that technology provides. The project is aiming to bring decentralization to applications that perform: 

  • Website Hosting – is a dApp on the network
  • Building management systems
  • In-store engagement worldwide statistics and content delivery for luxury brands.
  • Standardized Data Feeds such as temperature and air quality accessible to all dApps on network
  • End-to-end encrypted personal file storage and secure note taking

Want to learn more about DeFi? Click here for an overview of this growing segment of the digital finance industry. Get up to speed on what DeFi is, how it is used, what its benefits are, and what risks are associated with it. 

How to buy

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