August 31, 2021 | 


Buying popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) with fiat money can be a painful experience. Beaxy Exchange partnered with Ramp to bring their award-winning UX directly to our traders and they are loving it. In this blog, we share the reviews of Ramp.Network users that explain how affordable and convenient it really is.

What is Ramp.Network?

Ramp is a decentralized platform that allows you to make instant and seamless digital currency purchases with the most convenient payment options. The platform works by connecting cryptocurrency buyers with market makers that are already providing liquidity to the digital asset markets.

With an award-winning UI/UX, Ramp takes a complex process like buying bitcoin and reduces it down to a few simple steps. When you choose to buy crypto on Ramp through your Beaxy Exchange account, all of the needed information such as your BTC wallet address and email are automatically transferred. Buy cryptocurrency with a few clicks directly from your Beaxy account.

Beyond their top-tier UI/UX, Beaxy’s traders that used Ramp listed these as the top advantages compared to competing platforms.

  • Digital assets are instantly delivered to Beaxy wallet.
  • Low service fees for transactions.
  • No additional spread, pay the actual market price.
  • Seamless payment methods (Credit card, Apple Pay, SEPA).

And, more!

What Beaxy’s Traders Say About Ramp

“I chose to use Ramp because the look and feel of the platform were immediately appealing. Getting verified as a buyer only took a few minutes through Ramp’s automated KYC. After that, I was kind of shocked at how seamlessly you can connect your bank account, credit card, or even Apple Pay and begin buying and receiving crypto straight into the wallet on my Beaxy account.”

“We love buying bitcoin on Ramp’s platform. They let us use Apple Pay to checkout so we never had to input credit card numbers and had bitcoin available in our Beaxy account the same day. We’ve tried a few similar services that had much higher fees and transactions weren’t nearly as reliable. Great to see a product go to the next level. Buying bitcoin is mostly too complicated and Ramp makes it simple and quick.”

“The really cool thing about Ramp is that their website and product are bringing the financial system more toward the visions of a decentralized web, or Web 3.0. By bringing buyers directly to market makers, Ramp is creating a decentralized network that can transfer value amongst each other more efficiently than ever before.”

“As someone who didn’t start buying and using cryptocurrency until 2021, I must say that Ramp offers a completely unique and fresh experience. Most platforms have a complicated process that must be followed and often resulted in errors that prevented the transaction from being completed. Whenever I need to move fiat dollars into crypto or go from BTC to USD, Ramp.Network is always my first choice. Mostly because of how easy it is but also because they charge lower fees than every comparable service that I’ve used.”

“I’ve had countless issues trying to send money from my bank account to various cryptocurrency platforms. My bank refuses to process most of these transactions. While that has been frustrating I began using my credit card as my on-ramp from fiat currency into digital assets. The transactions worked but the fees on other services were ridiculously high. I was so happy when I found Ramp. Finally, a service that I can use that doesn’t require going through my bank and the fees are very reasonable relative to other services that I’ve used. I cut my fee by more than 2% by switching to Ramp. That really starts to add up when you need to use this type of service every time you are converting fiat currency into a digital asset.”

Getting Started with Ramp on Beaxy


To get started with your cryptocurrency purchases on Ramp through your Beaxy account, navigate to the buy crypto section of the trading platform.

Choose Ramp as your payment provider and complete your purchase on their award-winning platform. Once completed, the cryptocurrency you purchased will become available in your Beaxy account.

Check out this video for more detailed instructions for using Ramp.Network in your Beaxy account.

If you still need to create a Beaxy account, click below. Beaxy traders pass KYC in 5 minutes or less on average.