Success with Signals by Beaxy Exchange

February 16, 2021 | 

Success with Signals by Beaxy Exchange

Traders are using Beaxy’s exclusive trading Signals to shorten the learning curve, save time on charting, and reduce human error in analysis. In this article, we tell the stories of traders who have improved their results and reduced trading related stress by using Signals.

Traders Are Winning With Signals

Traders of all skillsets are benefiting from the technical insights provided by Signals. Sometimes new customers are skeptical about automated analysis, so we invite you to check out the examples below from some of the top-tier traders on beaxy. They looked at Signals before pulling the trigger and it improved their results.

This tweet came from Juggy, one of Beaxy’s VIP traders. Juggy followed a Signal that predicted a large selloff in BTC, allowing him to cash out before the drop and have more funds to buy back in with. The best part? Juggy didn’t have to blindly follow a price target. He was served up a legitimate trading strategy that could be confirmed or invalidated based on the technical indicators used to produce the Signal. Had the price gone against him and broken out of the channel drawn by the AI, Juggy would have known to get out at a small loss at that price. In this case, the price reacted as expected and Juggy got a stress-free win.


A few days later, Juggy spotted another Signal which predicted that BTC would break up towards the top of the channel. As we can see, the candle broke out of the range in less than 3 hours.


Remarking on their impressive accuracy, another Beaxy VIP posted the three Signals below to show Twitter how the exclusive trading tool helps him find the right plays by doing the analytical legwork for him.


In each of these cases, the price reacted exactly as expected, making for three great trades; however, that’s not always the case.

Three great trades

Any trader knows how quickly price can go against them, even with sound technical analysis.

When used correctly, the real magic of Signals comes into play. Giving someone a price target to profit at doesn’t help them all that much. On the other hand, showing a trader an objective stop-loss level to exit at can be an absolute lifesaver. Many traders aren’t even aware of it when their trade thesis becomes invalidated. With Signals, you’ll always know what you need to do at each price level.

Similar to Juggy, Mr. Whale caught this Signal (below) just in time to cash out before the dip. This Signal was generated because the price had dipped below the blue support line while trending lower in a descending channel. This is a bearish movement. Signals paired these facts with aggregated market data to determine that the price was most likely going to fall under the lower bounds of the channel.

Signal are legit

Getting Started With Signals by Beaxy Exchange

When you create an account on Beaxy, you get access to exclusive trading Signals that use aggregated market data to prepopulate your charts with professional-grade technical analysis.

There are two ways to leverage these Signals to refine your trading strategies. When you’ve selected a trading pair on the desktop platform, click the Signals button marked in the image below to see what the predictive models are thinking. The number inside the blue circle indicates the number of Signals that are available at that time. Signals are automatically added to and removed from trading pairs as they gain and lose relevancy.

When viewing the Signals offered for a given asset, you can compare them based on:

  • The pattern that was discovered by the AI (i.e. channels, wedges, triangles).
  • The strength of the signal (reliability).
  • The timeframe that the pattern exists on (i.e. 15M, 30M, 1H, 4H).
  • Entry and exit price projections.


When trading on the go with the Beaxy Exchange mobile app, click the Trender icon shown above. Here, you can define the types of Signals you want to see and swipe through them like popular dating apps. If the Signal provided is a trade setup you want to take, swipe right, and your position will be opened with a market order. If the Signal isn’t appealing to you, swipe left and see what else Trender has in store for you.


Visit today to create your account and start taking advantage of these powerful predictive models with a 70%+ historical accuracy rating.

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