What is Polkadot?


Beaxy is a cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot to offer its users. Beaxy provides a wide variety of coins to trade and a host of other features like signals, chatbot, partner program that make it a great choice if you are looking for a new exchange to try out. It has an user-friendly interface that makes trading crypto a breeze.


DOT is a token that can be easily bought and sold on Beaxy, but it is impossible to do this directly with a bank card. First, you should purchase BTC and then exchange it for DOT on the trading platform. Follow the simple steps and get full access to platform options in minutes.


1. Register on Beaxy


Go to the Beaxy.com website and sign up for an account. Comply with the instructions to complete the registration process and verify your documents.


2. Purchase Bitcoin


After activating the wallet, you can buy Bitcoin using PayPal, Credit, or Debit cards.


3. Exchange BTC to DOT


Finally, you can buy DOT, converting BTC on the Beaxy exchange platform.

DOT value and price

The live Polkadot price on 27 October 2022 is $6.51, with a 24-hour trading volume of $309,850,997. The market cap is $7,399,746,162.

Advantages and disadvantages of Polkadot


Increased scalability

It enables horizontal scaling of blockchains, allowing more transactions to be processed in parallel. This could potentially process millions of transactions per second.



The Polkadot protocol aims to be flexible, allowing different types of blockchains to interoperate. This leads to a more open and interoperable ecosystem of blockchains.


Improved security

It uses a novel consensus algorithm to be more secure than existing Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake algorithms. 


Increased efficiency

It is designed to be more efficient than other protocols, allowing it to process more transactions with less energy.


Still developing

The governance model is still being developed and is not yet fully decentralized, so there is still risk of power centralization within the network. 



Polkadot is a complex system that can become a high entry barrier. It is not suitable for beginners or those who are not tech-savvy.

Best DOT wallet – how to choose

If you plan to use Polkadot, you’ll need to choose a wallet that supports it. There are two types of wallets to store DOT: hot and cold. Hot ones are connected to the Internet and can be used to buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrency. Cold ones are offline and are used to store your cryptocurrency in a safe place. Here are several things to consider when selecting a wallet for your DOT tokens. Choose a wallet that’s easy to use. Make sure the wallet you pick has strong security features. Look for features like two-factor authentication and multi-signature support. If you also want to store other cryptocurrencies, make sure it supports them. Compare the fees charged by different wallets before choosing one. Do some research on the provider to make sure they’re reputable.


Use a software wallet such as the official Polkadot Wallet to store your funds securely. Hardware types can also be a good option. When setting up your wallet, follow all security best practices, such as using a strong password and backing up your seed phrase. 


When storing your DOT on an exchange or other third-party service, thoroughly research the platform’s security. The official wallet of Polkadot is the Polkadot.js UI. Another popular option is the Parity Signer app. Many other wallets are available for Polkadot, so be sure to explore all the options before deciding which one is optimal.


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