What is Gunthy?


Gunthy (GNT) is the ERC-20 crypto token that supports the GunBot algorithmic trading platform. GNT tokens can be purchased on Beaxy, a complaint U.S. based exchange that enables you to purchase GNT tokens. Buy, sell, or trade GNT safely and with ease when you create a free account today.

To buy GNT tokens on Beaxy exchange, start by visiting Beaxy.com and entering an email address and the password you want to use to create your free account. 

Once you have logged into the exchange for the first time, you will be prompted to provide some basic information to verify your account so that trading and withdrawals can be enabled. On average, Beaxy Exchange accounts are verified in less than five minutes. 

You can choose a funding option after you receive confirmation that your account has been verified. Beaxy Exchange allows you to fund your account with fiat, cryptocurrency, and a credit or debit card. To add funds to your account, navigate to the My Account seciton of the trading platform, and select deposit crypto to add crypto to your account. Select deposit fiat if you wih to fund your account through your bank. Or, select buy crypto if you wish to fund your account with a credit or debit card. 

Now that your account is verified and funded you can begin to buy, sell, or trade  GNT tokens on Beaxy. To do this, ensure that you have BTC in your Beaxy wallet. If you do not have BTC in your wallet, you can acquire some on the exchange so that you can use it to buy GNT. Simply select the GNT-BTC trading pair and enter the amount of GNT tokens you want to buy. You can use a limit buy order if you’d like to buy the GNT tokens at a predetermined price. 

Gunthy value and price

Gunthy may not be amongst the leaders of the market, but it’s far from worthless. The market price can differ from platform to platform, but on average it sits at around 0.00001 of BTC value. On the official ‘exchange’ the price sits usually a bit higher than. As of September 2020, for instance, the price is at 0.000013 Bitcoin for one Gunthy.

It means you can obtain 73000 Gunthy for selling 1 Bitcoin. It’s not that low – the popular tokens don’t cost a lot more. Ethereum’s own token 0x costs thrice this amount (on average), while the prominent BAT only costs twice as much (on average).

Gunthy advantages and disadvantages

Considering the properties of Gunthy and how it came to be, it’s a very beneficial token. For one, it was never an ICO token, unlike so many counterparts.

ICO is a model of distributing new tokens. According to it, the initial investors of some project associated with the token receive some amount of it in proportion to their investments. It is not a risk-proof practice. On the contrary, it’s notoriously far from it.

If the project you’ve invested into has been successful – good for you, the value of your token has increased and your investments paid off. But if the project fails (as they so often do), then your token becomes worthless. Gunthy didn’t start off this way. Instead, the company started developing the software around Gunthy right away, without preliminary user investments.

Since the system revolves around license acquisition, the value of the Token is in part bound to the value of licenses, instead of the investments. It makes Gunthy more stable as a currency. Prices on this token rarely drop suddenly and without warning. It makes trading in Gunthy comfortable and easy to predict.

There are several crucial disadvantages, however:

1. The tokens isn’t supported by too many platforms – only a few dozen support it directly and allow users to trade in it;

2. You can only get GNT on the official platform and practically nowhere else;

3. You can’t sell it on the official platform, you need to find a comfortable platform for it;

4. You can only purchase the Tokens for Bitcoin,

5. Withdrawing GNT from the official platform is a pain

As you can see, the GNT Tokens are somewhat inflexible and limited in their abilities. It’s still a fairly advantageous token to be trading in.

Best Gunthy wallet – how to choose

You can obviously store your Gunthy Tokens on a very limited array of wallets and other platforms. After all, it’s not meant to be used far outside Gunthy’s area of operation.

For starters, Gunthy Wallet is a completely legitimate means of storing your GNT Tokens. It’s the official Gunthy software that basically interlopes with the account, sharing most of what you’d call classic account/wallet features. It’s part of the larger GunBot/Gunthy software based on the decentralized license system.

It’s a good place to store your Gunthy, at least not the worse option compared to the other platforms. And there are platforms that allow you to store your supply of Gunthy without too many roadblocks.

This includes both the platforms supported by GunBot software and the platforms that aren’t. Since Gunthy is an ERC-20 token (a kind of tokens supported by the Ethereum smart-contracts system, it’s theoretically possible to store them on the exchanges that support other ERC-20 tokens, like, say, Beaxy. 

It’s not a very reliable option, because there’s no support for it, and it’ll be hard for you to fix token-related issues. Nevertheless, it is an option.

In terms of the actual crypto wallets, Gunthy is compatible with virtually every Ethereum wallet. However, the methods of transferring the Tokens can vary from one wallet to another, if possible at all. Mostly, the process involves API keys. On some wallets, it’s hard to find an API key, that’s why, albeit the Token is compatible with each wallet, you can’t store them on each wallet with the same ease.

In essence, all popular ETH wallets have similar features and characteristics. If you can transfer your Tokens to one of these, it’ll be a much better experience than storing them on any other platform, however. It’s partly because you get to store all your ETH-based tokens and other currencies in one place, and partly because exchange platforms are much riskier than crypto wallets.

In the end, it’s a matter of effort. If it’s no effort for you to set up the crypto exchange and store your GNT there – it’s probably the best option for you. Otherwise, you won’t lose much by simply keeping them on your Gunthy Wallet.