How to convert ALEPH to ETH


The Beaxy Exchange trading platform enables you to convert ALEPH tokens with ease. On Beaxy, you can convert ALEPH to your preferred crypto or fiat currency. If you’re an active trader, create an account today, and gain free access to Signals, professional-grade technical analysis that is done automatically, and appears directly onto the chart of the asset you are interested in. Signals will also give you insight into the next directional move that an asset may make. The automated trading predictions are correct more than 60% of the time!

Follow these steps to gain access to Signals and all of the features that Beaxy has to offer:

1. Sign up: Click here to complete the registration for your free Beaxy Exchange account. To register an account, enter your email address and a password and click Sign Up

2. Verification: After logging into the trading platform with your new account credentials, go to the KYC tab in the My Account section of the trading platform. Here you will verify your identity by uploading a copy of your government ID card. If you are a US citizen, upload a copy of your driver’s license or a state-approved identification card. If you reside outside of the US, enter a copy of your passport to complete the verification process. 

3. Funding: Now it’s time to add funds to your account so that you can buy, sell, or convert ALEPH tokens on the trading platform. To fund your account, go to the Deposit tabs in the My Account section of the exchange.  You can deposit dozens of cryptocurrencies, six fiat currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, and JPY), or use a credit card. 

4. Once your deposit has been received you can now begin converting ALEPH tokens on Beaxy Exchange. 

Beaxy lists an ALEPH-ETH trading pair that can be used to exchange ALEPH tokens. If you want to convert ALEPH to ETH, start by looking at the ALEPH-ETH trading pair and enter an order to sell your ALEPH tokens in exchange for ETH tokens. When the trade is completed you will now have the equivalent amount of ETH tokens in your exchange wallet. Use these ETH tokens to enter another sell order on the ETH-BTC trading pair. Now, with two quick trades, you have successfully converted your ALEPH tokens to BTC. 

Additional features and programs that you get access to include: 

● Buy, sell, or trade dozens of digital currencies

● More secure wallets, protected by Curv, Beaxy’s asset custody partner

● Access crypto with six national fiat currencies

● Enjoy FDIC insurance up to $250,000 on your USD holdings

● Trade crypto on-the-go with the Beaxy Exchange mobile app

● Double your deposit up to $500 when you opt-in to the program

● Earn passive income when you lock BXY tokens into the STK loyalty program

And, more!

Convert ALEPH to other cryptocurrencies

You can access ALEPH trading directly on Beaxy when you use the ETH trading pair. To convert ALEPH tokens to and from other digital assets, start with a conversion from ALEPH to ETH. At that point, you can convert ETH directly to BTC, USDC, or USD. If you choose BTC, you can directly access every other asset listed on Beaxy Exchange. 

To see the value of ALEPH tokens relative to other cryptocurrencies, use the converter at the top of the page. Choose the digital asset that you want to evaluate relative to ALPEH. If you want to but ALEPH after viewing the output, you can do so directly through the converter. 


ALPEH is the native asset for the second-layer protocol. The ALEPH token is used in the ecosystem to pay fees, reward nodes that are supplying storage data or API access, running a network node, staking, or lending liquidity to the various decentralized exchanges (DEXes). The ALEPH token was initially launched for trading in July of 2020. The digital token is now available on nearly a dozen exchanges, including Beaxy Exchange. The circulating supply of the ALEPH token is roughly 41,000,000 tokens. The token has been trading moderately with an average of $1,000,000 in daily volume since being added to exchanges. The max supply of ALEPH tokens that will ever exist is estimated at approximately 500,000,000 tokens. is aiming to add decentralized systems to the aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) that still require interactions with centralized institutions. For example, decentralized exchanges still depend on centralized organizations to maintain their order books, matching engines, and price feeds. By removing all aspects of centralized control, is helping to build a more open, transparent, and cost-effective financial system. One of the great features of the network is its interoperability and its decentralized application (dApp) development capabilities. Interoperability refers to the blockchain being fully compatible with other blockchains like the Nuls and Ethereum protocols. These beneficial features are paired together to give developers more options and flexibility in building decentralized applications.

Interoperability gives developers the option to take the best functionality from multiple blockchains and incorporate all them into one decentralized application that runs on one chain seamlessly. is looking to go beyond its current capability to enter additional industries that include: end-to-end data encryption, website hosting, cloud-computer storage, and more. has recently partnered with Jarvis.Network and Ledger to build decentralized historical price feeds and decentralized KYC data storage and encryption, respectively.