How to convert Polkadot to BTC


Converting DOT to other currencies

Convert fiat currency to DOT tokens with Beaxy. Follow the easy steps to place the purchase right in the converter. Enter the sum and currency you need, choose the digital asset you wish, and click Buy. The purchase will be completed in a few moments.

About DOT

DOT is a native token of the Polkadot network. Its key role lies in operating and governing the Polkadot network and creating new parachains. As a DOT holder, you will have several benefits. At first, you can act as a validator, collator, nominator, or fisherman. Also, you have the right to participate in the network governance and, more importantly, in the decision-making process concerning global upgrades or changes to Polkadot questions.


DOT token was launched in October 2017, and Polkadot released 10 mln tokens into circulation via an initial coin offering. There is no strict limit on the total DOT supply. New tokens are constantly issued according to the predetermined annual inflation rate of 10 percent. The 24-hour trading volume of Polkadot is $350,157,353. DOT had an all-time low of $2.70 on Aug 20, 2020, and the highest price was $54.98 on Nov 04, 2021. According to the statistics, the current DOT volume is divided into the following shares: 58.4% of the tokens are held by investors, the Web3 Foundation company owns 11.6%, and finally, 30% are held by founders.


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