How to convert HIVE to BTC


Converting HIVE to BTC on has been made easier with its customizable interface and top-notch security. To leverage the services on and convert HIVE to BTC, you only need to do these simple steps:

1) Register an account on This button is found on the top right side of the screen. 

2) Verify your account and ensure all information you entered is correct.

3) You may fund your account conveniently in three ways: deposit fiat or crypto, crypto purchase, and credit or debit card.

4) You may begin trading! Enjoy full access to’s trading features.

You can conveniently trade HIVE and other cryptocurrencies on with its wide range of trading tools and assets. It has a user-friendly interface that combines functionality and technology. Among the features you can use once you have set up your account are: assistive trading tools like Signals, which provide the trader with professional-grade technical analysis that allows them to refine their strategy and make better decisions. Also featured on the exchange is advanced order types, charting tools, 24/7 customer support and live chat, and TradingView charts including technical indicators.’s top notch security features include a two-factor authentication to ensure clients’ safety when it comes to their data, privacy, and funds. has an API that gives clients comprehensive data and entitles them to expand the capabilities of their trading system. To provide clients with the optimal features, Beaxy not only provides REST API but also FIX API. The latter optimizes electronic transfer of real-time market data. It can support communication of up to a million messages per second. 

With’s API, you can (1) view real-time market price and volume data, (2) see historical price and volume data of an asset, (3) sell, purchase, and obtain assets stored on, and (4) get notified on every executed transaction. 

Convert HIVE to other currencies

Converting your HIVE cryptocurrency to any fiat currency has never been easier with’s quick conversion. To do that, you can easily go to the converter, search for HIVE, and select the fiat currency of your choice. This will automatically reflect the conversion rate for HIVE with the currency you want to trade it with. One of the advantages of using this converter is that you can directly order HIVE from it.

Since HIVE is relatively new, it is not as widely-traded as other cryptocurrencies. With the technological innovation that HIVE proposes with the use of blockchain technology, it could prompt a web technological revolution. This would raise HIVE’s market capitalization in the future. However, there are still risks that come with trading HIVE that must be fully understood before investing in it.

About HIVE

HIVE is a cost-effective, scalable, and fast blockchain that allows for near-instantaneous transactions. The platform was created through a hard fork of the STEEM blockchain. Network participants can earn HIVE by posting quality content that consumers choose to reward.

HIVE Blockchain

The HIVE blockchain validates transactions on various blockchain networks in exchange for cryptocurrency rewards. Its main vision is to bridge blockchain technology with traditional capital markets, ultimately creating a more convenient and secure market.

HIVE was developed out of the innovative concept of Web 3.0. This development began with a long history of web developments, from the earliest computers in the 1960s, to the introduction of the Web in 1991, and to the present technology. 

Web 1.0 showed a massive improvement in web functionality, including email, browsers, and web pages. The main activity in Web 1.0 was reading. This early stage of the web showed a huge step forward in technology, but it was still limited. 

Web 2.0 saw a surge in newly-created websites, thanks to the establishment of Google. In the 2000s, dial-up modems were replaced with DSL and cable connections, ultimately paving the way for faster data connection. Music and other media were incorporated into the web, as well as the burst of social media.

When the first iPhone incorporated with smartphone browsing was introduced in 2007, desktop browsing took a hit. This led to the mobile revolution, wherein apps and web pages were run through mobile phones.

The recent developments in web technology as well as the creation of Bitcoin and blockchain technology could pave the way for Web 3.0, which is what HIVE mainly invests in. The Web 3.0 revolution could introduce blockchain mining and distributed computing networks to traditional capital markets.

This revolution could see advancement in transparency, privacy, data ownership and sharing, incentivization of creators, and the elimination of middlemen. In this way, you can expect to get data directly as technology would be decentralized. Applications would be more private and middlemen who are non-transparent about their practices will be eliminated. You have more control of your data, including those you share and receive.

HIVE cryptocurrency 

HIVE is the cryptocurrency for an open source social media blockchain of the same name. It was created through a hard fork of the original Steem blockchain. HIVE holds many similarities with the Steem Blockchain, with many Steem stakeholders receiving HIVE coins at the launch of the new cryptocurrency.

HIVE works with three functionalities in mind: speed, scalability, and power. Executions take 3 seconds or less, future proof resource-bandwidth and storage systems are utilized, and tested by hundreds of apps, projects, and communities globally for four years before it was launched. HIVE also uses an ecosystem of apps, communities, and individuals that leverage the HIVE blockchain and decentralized structure. 

Currently, HIVE is priced at about $0.13 with a market capitalization of $55,130,770.. There are more than 400 million HIVE tokens in circulation on the market with unlimited supply. In 24 hour periods, its trading volume is generally around $3,000,000. HIVE’s all-time high was at $0.970450 recorded on 27 April 2020, while its all-time low was at $0.087309 recorded on 06 April 2020.