How to convert MTL to BTC


Beaxy allows you to trade MTL with convenience and peace of mind. Our user interface is customizable and can be optimized for beginners and experts alike. Reduce your risk by storing MTL in our custodied wallets.

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Trading on Beaxy is enhanced by dozens of features including custody protection for MTL holdings. You can leverage our advanced order types, professional charting tools, credit card and debit card purchase options, and FIAT onboarding and offboarding. Trade on Beaxy with your national currency to enhance your trading experience!

Converting MTL to other currencies

Want to convert MTL to your national currency? Check the converter above to see what the conversion rate is. Simply select your national currency to see what the price of Metal. The best part is you can place an order for MTL directly from the converter once you select your currency!

About Metal:

The Metal token (MTL) was created as an ERC-20 compliant token. MTL is a digital asset that is used in tandem with Metal Pay, a peer-to-peer payment processing application that is available in the Android and iOS app stores. Metal Pay created an app with an easy-to-use user interface that allows users to send and receive cryptocurrency without having to fully understand the underlying technology. Metal Pay is aiming to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrency. To achieve this goal, MTL is rewarded to users of the Metal Pay app who convert fiat into digital assets. In February of 2020 Metal implemented mainnet deposits and withdrawals for the digital assets that are available on the Metal Pay mobile application. The MetalPay mobile application works similarly to Venmo, Cashapp, and Paypal. The app allows users to connect their checking account, savings account, or card to use as cash that can be sent to and received by other users of the MetalPay mobile application. The app also allows you to buy and sell other digital assets. Once you buy a digital asset on MetalPay, you can then send them to any address on that assets network. Deposited funds on the MetalPay app can be converted to cash and withdrawn to your bank account at any time. You can also withdraw your MetalPay crypto holdings to an address that is outside the platform. You can earn rewards for using the MetalPay app. When you send or receive fiat or cryptocurrency on the app, you will be rewarded with an amount of MTL. By distributing the MTL token to all of the mobile application’s users, MetalPay increases the utility of the token as they are expanding the total network size. This in turn gives every person holding the MTL token with more people to exchange the asset with. To use the MetalPay app, download the app on the iOS or Android app stores. Once you have the application installed on your device you can enter your information to create an account. In order to use fiat, you’ll then need to add your bank account by providing details about the account such as your name, the account number, and the routing number. Once your bank account has been successfully connected to your MetalPay account you can begin buying,selling,sending, and receiving every asset that is available on the platform. Using MetalPay can help secure your funds with added layers of protection such as biometric readings. If your smartphone device has a fingerprint or face scanner you can require that these be used and verified before access to your account is granted. This means that assets held on the MetalPay app can only be accessed by you when your fingerprint or face is required to access the account. To buy MTL, log in or create an account on Beaxy. Make sure that you have deposited some BTC into your Beaxy account. Utilize the MTL-BTC trading pair to exchange some of your BTC holdings for the MTL token. You can securely store your MTL tokens on Beaxy. Assets held on the Beaxy Exchange get bulletproof protection through Curv’s third-party custody solution.