How to convert NRG to BTC


NRG is the crypto that puts together smart contracts power, decentralized governance, and funding treasury. It got introduced as sustainable crypto that can be adopted by many.

As of 22nd June, 2020,1 NRG was equal to 0.000240 BTC. The cost of NRG was 2.251, and that of BTC was 9375.380. The market cap of NRG was 67,569,489, and that of BTC was 172,607,308,566.

To convert NRG to BTC, follow the steps below.

1. Log into Beaxy website.

2. Look for the asset section for NRG.

3. You will see a part with the option to change NRG to BTC.

4. Enter the amount of NRG you wish to convert.

5. Click on the conversion preview to see how much of BTC you will get.

In case your NRG is not enough to buy BTC, the site will prompt you to purchase more.

6. Confirm your conversion.

Bear in mind that Beaxy charges a wide margin of up to 2% for conversions. The real spread margin varies as per market fluctuations.

Convert NRG to other currencies

Just like the above NRG to BTC conversion, NRG can get converted to other currencies. There are over three hundred currencies.  The exchange rates of cryptocurrencies keep changing from time to time. 

The process of converting NRG to other currencies is as below.

1. On an exchange platform like Beaxy, select NRG on the left drop-down menu and choose the currency you wish to convert it to on the right one. Once you do that, click the View offers icon to see what the exchange gives for the conversion.

2. Enter the new currency wallet address to get the converted funds and then click Next. Beaxy will form your order, and it will show you the NRG address.

3. Move NRG from your wallet to the address gotten on the previous step. Your funds will get converted, and the new currency will get kept in your wallet.

In addition, you can also easily convert Energi to Litecoin, Tether (USDT), Ethereum, XRP (Ripple), EOS, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, BTT, ZCash, QTUM, DASH and others cryptocurrencies.

About NRG

NRG came about in 2018, and it spent most of the following year making its way to the leading one-hundred-coin club. The NRG became a member of that club in August 2019. The primary selling point for NRG is the insistence on providing widespread and worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency. It does that by providing its funding treasury service and community-based governance. It features a powerful master node-centered rewarding service based on many allocations of generated tokens. The master nodes function as active nodes that store a complete copy of the blockchain while validating, keeping, and broadcasting processes.

NRG has the most significant allocation levels among the blockchains based on the master node. Forty percent of its coins go to the service’s master nodes. Around one million NRG gets produced each month, and the platform features no cap on supply. The sustainability potential of NRG has no limit.

Consensus enforcing, governance, and other related activities get handled by master nodes too. The NRG platform is known as a built-in decentralized governance platform. It lets every stakeholder make a proposal that gets deliberated on by community officials.

What NRG focuses on

The NRG ecosystem centers on four things. 

1. Trust

2. Awareness

3. Usability

4. Availability 

Value propositions

NRG is the self-funding crypto which aims to bring mass adoption of cryptocurrency. It has a self-funding tool and is likely to become a better contract service.


NRG is self-funded by treasury emissions. The emissions permit the long-lasting growth of technology. The treasury features one of the most significant allocations. The funding allows a viable long-term model that can improve systems and society.


Together with self-funding, a robust governance model helps NRG prevent the pitfalls and enhance the achievements of its predecessors. It makes society-driven decisions that improve scalability and enhance worldwide adoption.


NRG decided not to plan the Initial Coin Offering because it wanted to promote a stable and fair cryptosystem. Doing that helps in preventing the centralization of the NRG system.

Smart contract service

NRG is looking forward to creating a contract service to drive its network effects further. Doing this also supports worldwide adoption.