How to convert XSN to BTC


Beaxy employs an interactive platform to enable you to convert XSN to BTC with ease and convenience. We have a customizable interface to help novice and veteran traders optimize their crypto trading. Our traders can also use crypto wallets under our platform’s custody to safely secure their tokens.

Trading XSN on Beaxy is powered by an array of advantageous trading conditions including advanced order types, up-to-date charting tools, convenient purchase options via credit or debit cards, and onboarding and offboarding of fiat currencies. You can trade on Beaxy using your country’s fiat currency and leverage it with limitless opportunities using the Beaxy Exchange platform.

Beaxy’s Trender 

One of the unique features of Beaxy is our revolutionary swipe-based trading system which is powered by a third-party Artificial Intelligence to auto-generate trading signals just when you need them. This special feature saves you time from studying and researching about trading mechanics and trends. Beaxy offers “Trender” as your fastest way to get the current market trends through feeds of BXY (and other cryptocurrencies) signal suggestions.

With this functionality, you only need to swipe through the signals. A swipe going left is to pass while a swipe going right means taking the trade.

Discover more trading features and functions on the Beaxy platform. Here is your guide to access Beaxy’s trading features and services in full:

1. Register at Beaxy’s official site

2. Accomplish the verification process

3. Fund your trading account by the method of your choice; and

4. Enjoy crypto trading at Beaxy!

Convert XSN to other Currencies

Interested to know the equivalent of one XSN to your fiat currency?

Use the converter above to check on XSN’s value against your national currency. Just simply select your pegged currency to see the counter value of XSN. You can also place an order for XSN directly from the converter after choosing your fiat currency.

Start trading on Beaxy to unlock more advantageous crypto trading features and use any fiat currency of your choice.

About XSN

Stakenet is an open-source platform powered by the combination of Lightning Network and Masternodes into a global blockchain for decentralized applications. XSN is the cryptocurrency fueling the network. 

Stakenet’s decentralized platform, just like many other blockchain technologies, aims to serve as an alternative to traditional banks, fiat currencies, and payment options. Stakenet has established an infrastructure that will enable XSN users to perform convenient, instant and fast transactions anchored to a digital ecosystem of decentralized platforms, products, and services. 

More particularly, Stakenet provides the following solutions using its technology:

– A set of powerful investment tools for conventional and institutional investors. 

– A cross-chain interoperability platform to be of service to the blockchain industry.

– The very first decentralized cryptocurrency bank in the world.

Stakenet’s Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS)

Stakenet devised TPoS to enable XSN holders to stake their coins securely from its storage and validate its blockchain without the use of a trusted authority. The power behind TPoS is that it turns the offline wallets of the crypto coin users from being cold storage devices into income-generating devices. This means that rewards of those who stake their coins are credited to their wallets even if these wallets are offline. XSN users have access to TPoS and this system will be available for cross-chain purposes once the CCPoS becomes fully implemented. 

Cross Chain Proof of Stake (CCPoS)

Stakenet is developing another powerful technological feature that will enable XSN users to receive staking rewards in the form of another crypto coin. This means that users can opt to acquire and store other crypto coins that they wish to have while also holding XSN coins.

Other Promising Advantages of Stakenet Blockchain

Owners of Stakenet Masternodes can have multiple sources of income as they can get it from three different facets: regular block rewards, trading fees from XSN Exchange’s platform, and fees for running TOR-network services. Moreover, there can be another potential source of income in the form of revenue streams coming from hosting decentralized apps (DApps) along with other services that will be added to the Stakenet Masternode system.

The cryptocurrency industry will have its very first decentralized Exchange platform that will be run by masternodes. With this innovation, any third-party user cannot shut down the XSN Exchange. In fact, even its creator, Stakenet, will not be able to stop the exchange once it becomes fully operational. This is what makes XSN’s decentralized exchange unique against any other decentralized exchanges which can be terminated by its originators.

The cross-chain interoperability features of Stakenet has the ability to host other decentralized systems or chains by enabling them to add new features and even applications on their systems without the dreaded fork. The technology behind this is Stakenet’s peer-to-peer network that will run the backend code of decentralized apps while keeping the frontend code and the user’s interface written in any language to enable calls to the backend.