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Do I have to be a new customer to receive a bonus?

  • All Beaxy Exchange account holders are eligible to apply to receive a deposit bonus. Barring any suspicious circumstances, your account will be credited with the USDC equivalent value of your deposit (up to 500 USDC) at the time of crediting. Generally within 24 hours of when your deposit is completed. That being said, Beaxy Exchange has the right to reject or seize any bonus at any time, and for any reason. 

Can I receive bonus funds on multiple deposits?

  • You will continue to receive bonus funds until 500 USDC has been credited to your account in the form of a bonus. Bonus funds will not be applied to deposits made more than 30 days after your initial bonus funds are received. 

When can I withdraw my bonus funds?

  • In order to withdraw bonus funds, your trading fees must be greater than or equal to 150% of the USDC value of bonus funds you received. For example, an account that receives 500 USDC must generate 750 USDC equivalent in trading fees before they are eligible to withdraw bonus funds. 

Please note: The fee requirement must be met within six months of receiving bonus funds in order for you to withdraw or continue trading with bonus funds. Fees paid in BXY are excluded from trading fee calculations as it relates to the deposit bonus program and withdrawals requested in accordance with the program. 

Can I withdraw the funds that I deposited?

  • Non-bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time during this promotion. In order to withdraw your deposited funds, you must open a support ticket. Funds available to withdraw are calculated as the current value of the funds you deposited while being enrolled in the program minus trading fees and any realized or unrealized losses. 

Please note: If you submit a request to withdraw your deposited (non-bonus) funds, you will forfeit all bonuses and you may be asked to close all open positions before your withdrawal can be completed. 

Can I withdraw profits made while enrolled in the deposit bonus program?

  • Profits generated while enrolled in the Deposit Bonus Program will become eligible to withdraw at the same time the bonus funds become available. To withdraw bonus funds or profits made while enrolled, you must generate trading fees that are greater than or equal to 150% of the USDC equivalent value of your bonus within six months of receiving the bonus. If you opt-out of the program or do not meet the required fee threshold within six months of receiving your first bonus, all bonus funds and profits generated while enrolled will be forfeited. 

Please note: Profits made on bonus funds are designated as additional bonus funds. Opting out of the program before meeting the fee requirement will result in a forfeiture of all bonus funds, including profits generated with bonus funds. 

Can I receive bonus funds for purchases made with a credit or debit card?

  • You can receive bonus funds by purchasing cryptocurrency with your credit or debit card, depositing cryptocurrency, or depositing fiat currency. 
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