Main FAQ How do I create a new wallet?

We have provided a convenient video to help you with this process. Please feel free to watch it or follow the written instructions in the article below.

For a number of reasons, when you first open an account only a few wallets are created automatically. Should you wish to trade or deposit other currencies, you will need to create the appropriate wallet first.

How do I create a new wallet?

This warning will appear on the Trading Page of any pair for which you have not yet created a deposit address. Clicking the link will automatically open the Balances page in the client area. You may also navigate to this page by clicking on your account name in the upper right corner of the Trading Page and clicking on My Balances on the menu.

How do I create a new wallet?

Once you are on this page, click on the Add Wallet button. This will open a pop-up where you will be asked to select a currency for which you wish to create a wallet. Select your desired asset from the drop down menu and click add.

How do I create a new wallet?

Once the wallet has been created, you will see a green confirmation message at the top of the screen.

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