Main FAQ How do I open an account?

1. Make sure you are on

Please bookmark to protect against phishing websites. Always double check for both the correct website URL address and for the lock shaped certificate in the address bar that verifies the authentic Beaxy site every time you visit.

2. Click the “Register” button on our homepage

How do I open an account?

3. Provide the necessary information in the registration form

How do I open an account?

Be sure to use a unique strong password that is at least 6 characters, at least one letter and one number. For even greater security, consider using a 14 character or more password and a unique email address.

Click Sign Up.

4. Click the email verification link

A verification link will be sent to the submitted email address that must be clicked to process the registration. Go to your email and click the verification link with the same device. Check your spam folder if you are having trouble finding it.

Congratulations. Welcome to Beaxy!

Your account is activated, but there are just a few more steps before you can trade:

5. (Recommended) Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Adding 2FA to your account greatly increases its security. Therefore we recommend enabling it now. Log in, then navigate to the security page. Then click the enable button next to “2FA is disabled.” Follow the prompts and make sure to save the backup code in a safe location.

What is 2FA?

6. Complete KYC/AML

Because of our efforts to remain compliant, in order to use the platform for trading you will need to complete KYC.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to complete KYC so that you don’t experience any delays when your application is being processed.

Need to learn how to make a deposit?

7. (Optional) Join the conversation

To stay up to date on:

  • News and announcements
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  • Conversations and suggestions

And much more!

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Security Tips:Use strong passwords and 2FA. Never share passwords, private keys, recovery phrases, or 2fa codes with anyone!

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