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All-Time Low (ATL)

Simply put, All-Time Low or simply, ATL, refers to the lowest point in price and capitalization that a cryptocurrency has been priced with during its history of being traded. 

It may also refer to the minimal price that is set when an asset debuts in the market. This is the case as investors usually do not trust an asset easily. But that is only one of the reasons why the price has stayed low.

Another plausible reason is when a country that uses a cryptocurrency introduces new laws that make the asset more challenging to use, thus leading to it losing its price.

An asset may reach its All-Time Low a number of times a year, a month or a day. When this is reached it is highly likely that the market had lost interest or demand in the asset. It may also be used to show minimal theoretical price an asset could have been sold for. It can also be used to show the minimal price that a potential customer could have spent to buy said asset.

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