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Bep-2 pertains to a technical standard implemented for issuing and implementing tokens on the Binance blockchain. Here, what is referred to as standard is a specific set of rules meant to be followed by tokens so that these may function in the blockchain’s ecosystem. The BEP-2 finds its counterpart in Ethereum as the ERC-20.

It should be clarified that BEP-2 isn’t software. Rather, it is a set of technical specifications. What these rules ensure is that tokens are able to represent a wide selection of digital assets and tradable goods. The standard further ensures that all these can be smoothly integrated with each other and the ecosystem these are in. 

In addition to this, the BEP-2 standard also defines a number of basic and most pertinent features of tokens that are issued through Binance. The creation of such decreases the amount of effort needed from developers to issue tokens. 

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