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Ether refers to the token that the Ethereum blockchain generates. Ether is therefore, used as payment in the operation of the blockchain, which aims to incentivize machines so that these may execute the operations requested by users.

Simply put, Ether, or its ticker symbol, ETH, is a digital, global currency that runs on the Ethereum-linked applications. But despite its global stature, it is seen as scarce by its users. And given that it is digital, much like the more mainstream tokens, it can be used on transactions done through the internet. 

Ether is secured by cryptography and effectively protects the holder’s wallet, the token itself, and all the user’s transactions. It is open to everyone, even the most novice of token holders may simply access ETH through mere internet connection, foregoing the need for a bank account to receive payments. Ether is also available in flexible amounts; it is divisible up to 18 decimal placements allowing the user to buy the token in fractions.

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