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The term originally referred to any person who possesses an advanced understanding and skill in working with computers and programs. Programmers and cybersecurity experts actually fall under this category, thus carrying a more positive connotation. 

Later on, “hacker” went on to mean a shady person who works to exploit the vulnerabilities of a computer system. As this is the case, these are individuals who make use of their technical knowledge or expertise to either solve problems or bypass legal protocols to gain access to information they are not authorized to acquire. 

Depending on their goals and method, hackers can be classified into 3 types: 

1.White Hat – The ethical hackers. These are experts who intentionally find vulnerabilities so that they may improve on systems. They can be hired by institutions as full-time employees.

2.Black Hat – The Crackers. Not having permissions from their targets, they use the vulnerabilities for malicious or personal gains.

3.Grey Hat – these hackers dwell between the aforementioned categories. They may break into a system so that they could offer their services to private institutions.

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