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Portmanteau for “malicious software”, Malware, pertains to any software program created and designed to breach and purposefully damage computer systems and networks. 

Probably not known by many, malware actually come in different types which are recognized by their functions, namely, for profit, to extort, to spy on networks, to disable activities, to control remotely, delete pertinent data, and spread falsified information. Malware actually is actually a summative term for a selection of harmful software. These are the more popular categories:

• Keylogger

• Ransomware

• Trojan

• Spyware

• Worms

• Adware

• Botnets

• Rootkit

• Wipers

• Cryptojacking

A key aspect of malware is that it has the capability of accessing a system devoid of permission and without the initial notice of the network user or owner.

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