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In Computing lingo, a Network refers to two or more computers linked purposefully with each other to share resources, may these be software or hardware. This may be done through cables, phone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared.

There are two types of networks:

8.1. The Local Area Network (LAN)

Simply put, the LAN is a network within a small area. The geographic reach is limited as it is usually employed within an office setup. The computers connected within this type of network fall under two categories, namely, servers and workstations. The services under such a setup may include printing, faxing, software hosting, file sharing and storage, messaging, and data retrieval just to mention a few.  

8.2. The Wide Area Network (WAN)

This type of network connects to larger areas, usually city-wide or even worldwide scales. Connecting parties in this setup may require dedicated transoceanic cables or satellite uplinks. This serves the purpose of the likes of inter-school communication at a global level and teleconferencing between offices in different cities. Both scenarios would not require hefty sums, thus cutting unnecessary bills. 

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