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Ring Signature

The Ring Signature pertains to the method of increasing privacy through the fuse of inputs of a number of multiple signers with that of the original ender so as to authorize a transaction. 

Produced by cryptographers, Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Yael Tauman, Ring Signatures are used in cryptography. When a transaction is signed with a Ring Signature, it is endorsed by a party from a specific group people. 

A Ring Signature could be regarded secured and safe when it is computationally infeasible to tell which among the group members’ keys was used to create the signature. 

A Ring Signature is similar to group signatures. It only differs largely from the latter on two counts: 

1.Revoking the anonymity of an individual signature is impossible

2.Any group of users can be used as a group without having to use an additional setup

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