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Vladimir Club

First mentioned on a Bitcoin forum back in 2012 and preliminarily applied to the token, the user by the name of Vladimir proposed that ownership of 1% of 1% of the maximum supply of said cryptocurrency was a sound idea. The suggestion became institutionalized with the term Vladimir Club being given to the concept.

With consideration to Bitcoin’s maximum supply of 21,000,000 coins, token holders with more than 2,100 are seen as affiliates of the Vladimir Club.

Before, being a member of the so-called club did not cost this much. However, back in 2012, a Bitcoin was valued at about $11. A person would be asked to invest $23,100 to be a member of the Vladimir Club. 

The original estimation of the maximum number of club members would be around 10,000, provided all coins were mined and divided among its members equally. This changed in light of BTC owners accumulating higher amounts than 2,100 coins, with the maximum number of actual members being lower than that. Also, a huge number of coins are inaccessible either because some private keys were already lost or the addresses they were sent to were invalid and cannot be extracted.

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