Trading GUNTHY (GNT) on Beaxy

Trading GUNTHY (GNT) on Beaxy

Gunbot, bitRage, Market Makers, Gunthy-Token, and GunthyExchange are all products of Gunthy GmbH. The company is active and engaged in the industry of “Services relating management consulting” and its official headquarters is in Cham. Two people make up the GUNTHY GmbH management team, which was established on May 19, 2021.

Armand Token

Gunthy’s utility is best summed up by the words of their spokesperson – “With the help of our own Gunthy ERC-20 utility token, we are able to self-power the license system for our products”. Licenses are given a monetary value via Gunthy token, which also enables seamless license updates and makes it simple and secure for users to handle their own API credentials. “With the launch of our token, we hope to create a totally decentralized software licensing system.”

Our community token’s ability to upgrade users’ licenses by simply depositing a predetermined quantity of tokens is one of its key initial use cases.”

The quantity of tokens needed for current users to use their software licenses has been delivered. Our goal is to implement a token-only payment system.

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Licensing is now decentralized

The goal of the launch of our token is to create a totally decentralized software licensing system.

The product comes first

Gunthy hasn’t had an ICO. We have released our products, and we’re now working hard to create an environment around them for our community.

Frictionless improvements

Our community token’s ability to upgrade users’ licenses by simply depositing a predetermined quantity of tokens is one of its key initial use cases.

Financial value

The quantity of tokens needed for current users to use their software licenses has been delivered. Our goal is to implement a token-only payment system.

What Advantages Does the Gunthy Token Offer?

Utilizing decentralized blockchain technology, our utility token can validate and unlock the functionalities of the Gunbot software. Consider it in this way: Your license serial number is your Gunthy wallet address.

Although the application can be installed and used simultaneously on multiple devices, only you are the sole authorized user of that particular license in this situation.

What Can the Gunthy Token Be Used For?

Here are the Gunthy Token’s Top 5 Advantages.

  1. Decentralized Licensing System: Our Gunbot License validator will be the primary application of the token. We have the option of using our Gunthy Wallet address as our license authenticator rather than relying on a “server validation method.”
  1. Simple API Key Management: With this approach, we may “swap” the registered API keys we have for one exchange for another. Before the new Gunbot license modification system, users couldn’t accomplish this. Your license can now be instantly “swapped” or “edited” in the Gunbot GUI.
  1. Increased Financial Value: Your Gunbot license will be worth more than when you purchased it as the token price rises. If you have an urgent need for money, you might potentially sell your Gunthies on the exchanges.
  1. License Upgrades: By simply raising your token holdings, you can go from the Gunbot Standard to the Pro or Gunbot Ultimate. The software will check automatically to see how many Gunthy tokens you currently have in your registered wallet, and depending on that number, it will unlock various features and license tiers. (With a Gunbot Starter License, this is not possible.)
  1. Fine-Tuned Strategies: On the Gunbot Config Marketplace, you can purchase 3rd party Gunbot add-on strategies like (ARS) Anti Reckt Strategy and many others that have been created by skilled Gunbot users. (Take note that the majority of available Gunbot Strategies are free.)
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GUNTHY historical price

Decentralized - Transparent - Immutable

People frequently trade on a cryptocurrency exchange to try to realize profits with crypto. There are numerous strategies that can be used by investors of various knowledge and experience levels, as well as with differently sized investments. Bitcoin is the currency most frequently used in GUNTHY trading: GNT/BTC.


In order to execute the biggest winning trades, traders frequently employ the fast deal (scalping) strategy, in which transactions are completed in a matter of minutes, the trader calculates even the smallest changes in value, and the profits from dozens or hundreds of transactions of this nature can add up to a sizable profit when the conditions of the market are conducive to this strategy. This method of trading benefits greatly from the extreme volatility of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, a lot of traders choose for medium-term trading, when the transaction is completed over the course of one or more days. In these circumstances, traders employ trend indicators to forecast the future movement of the coin’s value with the highest degree of precision. Some investors prefer to retain assets for a long period of time and make long-term investments; nevertheless, this type of trading requires a significant initial commitment and can only produce modest gains.

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Purchasing cryptocurrency on a cryptocurrency exchange is simpler and safer than the alternatives. On the Beaxy exchange, for instance, you can use Bitcoin to purchase GUNTHY: gunthy - btc . News about various rival projects and trading volumes may have an impact on the cryptocurrency’s rate. The price might decrease if a big investor decides to sell a lot of coins in one day—far more than is customary. The opposite is also true: if a large number of coins are purchased in a single day, the price may increase. To predict the future movement of an asset’s value, numerous methodologies and automated tools examine the market. Each customer who signs up for a Beaxy account receives a personal analyst who stays in touch with them via personal chat and is available to answer any questions. The opportunity is open to both newcomers and seasoned market participants who require expert advice.

GUNTHY exchange

Additionally, bitcoin exchanges are the most practical places to exchange cryptocurrencies. On the Beaxy exchange, for instance: gunthy - btc . You may typically exchange GUNTHY for Bitcoin. This process can be finished by a novice thanks to the Beaxy cryptocurrency exchange’s user interface. After a brief period of time spent on registration, you will be given a number of options for making a deposit of money. You must first swap your fiat money for Bitcoin before exchanging it for the desired cryptocurrency, such as GUNTHY. All of this happens swiftly and effortlessly, and if you’ve ever bought fiat money or stock on the stock exchange, you’ll be familiar with and understand the procedure. Cryptocurrency exchanges are just as simple as exchanges of traditional currencies. Therefore, the Beaxy cryptocurrency exchange and your individual expert analyst will become your trustworthy colleagues on your journey if you have decided to familiarize yourself with the world of cryptocurrencies and begin earning from investments.