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Gunthy is a crypto token created by the company with the same name. Most tokens are volatile to trade in, but Gunthy is a bit of a special case. It’s a relatively unknown token that follows the ERC20 standard.
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Features of Gunthy

Pertaining to Gunthy's licensing software, the token had been launched with the development of decentralized licensing software in mind. Now a license verification system token, Gunthy's own blockchain is connected to a number of infrastructure elements built by Gunthy Co.
Following the standard ERC20 protocol, the Gunthy token is duly compatible with Ethereum wallets. This compatibility increases its value and makes it easy to trade. On top of this, given that the ERC20 protocol is also held as a trustworthy mechanism, the Gunthy token is also allowed to be easily traded across many exchanges.
Gunthy is considered a unique token in that it is highly trustworthy. With a great deal of coins in the market using an ICO approach, which is often characterized as a suspicious strategy in acquiring initial investments for coins, Gunthy breaks the mould by launching its product first. To further its reliability, the token's developers worked proactively on the creation of an ecosystem for the token users' community.
The developers of the Gunthy token placed efficiency as priority through the optimization of its decentralized system. This allows for utmost ease and convenience in exchanging Bitcoin for Gunthy. Through its licensing software, Gunbot, Gunthy holders are let in on less costs for crypto transactions as it is engineered to administer all pertinent processes for them.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Gunthy?

Gunthy is a resource powering the licensing software called GunBot (or just Gunthy, sometimes). The platform associated with this decentralized system is bent on optimizing the efficiency and ease of the exchange, which is also a part of the infrastructure, and not the least important one.
However, the way the platform operates is peculiar. On this exchange, you can only trade Bitcoin for Gunthy. In all fairness, it’s not so much an exchange as a conversion platform. It’s one of the few ways to get a hold on these tokens.
As mentioned, the company running this converting operation is trying to make it the most comfortable and the least costly business for trading cryptocurrencies. GunBot enables you to do that. Any user can conduct an exchange on their own, but GunBot is designed to calculate and conduct all operations on your behalf.
In short, you entrust the Bot with some amount of Bitcoin and leave it on the automated trading bot. After a while, you’ll get a number of a chosen currency bought for the best price available. After that, you can use your accumulated wealth on the number of exchanges directly or indirectly on some, like Beaxy.

Gunthy Technology

Instead of being an I.O.U. of sorts, Gunthy became a token for a license verification system with the same name. It’s the decentralized licensing software, a blockchain connected to several elements of infrastructure by Gunthy Co.
One of these elements is a Gunthy Wallet – by all means, it is simply a wallet running on GNT Tokens. When you set up your own Wallet, you get a handful of these tokens that you can trade-in for cryptocurrencies and, naturally, other tokens. It is the most crucial element of Gunthy software infrastructure because it forms an outlet of tokens from the system. Without it, you can’t trade in these tokens on other exchanges.
There are other pieces of software that you can explore on Gunthy official website. They are mostly supposed to increase your trading activity, and generate additional value for the GNT token itself.
There is an interesting tool that allows users to fill their Gunthy Wallets. It’s meant to be an essential part of the entire software, a defining feature. It’s called GunBot.

How to mine Gunthy?

One method has already been mentioned, but here it is in detail:
GunBot is the software designed to reduce trading of assumptions and emotions and instead focus on logic, calculations, and fast reaction. Not too many human beings have such qualities. That’s where the idea of creating a perfect trader takes root. It’s safe to say that most of the software associated with GunBot has been built around and for it. After all, the Bot has been available since day one.
This Bot is open to configurations. By default the buying will be done automatically and when the price is the most favorable for the user. Mind you, you can’t trade it GNT on GunBot as of yet. But you can purchase Bitcoin and use them to purchase GNT.
There’s another way of ‘mining’ GNT Tokens:
The word is taken into quotation marks because another way of acquiring Gunthy seems a lot more like buying. The licenses each Wallet is bound to can be ‘upgraded’. Each upgrade costs some amount of Bitcoin, and the resulting improvement will give you more opportunities to withdraw Tokens and a designated amount of bonus Tokens. The number of upgrades is, naturally, limited.
There’s really no way to ‘mine’ GNT, but the first method of acquiring them is fairly similar to the mining process. You leave the GunBot for a while, and as result, it may bring you a large amount of Bitcoin at a favorable price. Afterward, you can convert them into GNT. This whole establishment is meant to increase the value of Gunthy.

Risks of Gunthy trading

From what you’ve read, you could’ve already guessed what the chief risk of trading in Gunthy is.
Gunthy is very limited in its speculative possibilities. You can pretty much only use it as an inner currency for Gunthy software. The value of this token is directly bound to the value of the entire infrastructure around GunBot and Gunthy Token itself.
Beaxy is the best trading resource for exchanging GNT tokens. You can certainly use it as such, and outside of Beaxy, there’s a limited amount of platforms that allow you to trade in it. Not to mention that the majority of them only allow selling, and not buying you’ll have to return to the official exchange.
Visit to create your free account today and trade your GNT tokens on an easy, safe, and complete exchange. For a limited time, Beaxy will double your deposits up to $500 so that you can buy more of your favorite cryptocurrency!
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