Metal (MTL) is the cryptographic unit of the MetalPay system. It is pegged next to PayPal, only that it is a decentralized version. It was developed to provide a secured banking and payment platform, allowing cryptocurrency-based users to place real-world purchases. This also intends to fully replace the traditional method of financial transactions for a more efficient and personalized experience.
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This revolutionizes the traditional method of banking by providing a decentralized, comprehensive, and complete banking solution. Such a structure allows merchants and users to trade virtual coins, enabling them to purchase, transfer, and receive funds in the same manner that fiat currencies do.
It functions through an approach called Proof of Processed Payments. Through the completion of certain transactions and by simply using the platform, users are given MTL as a reward. This is highly advantageous since is it saves users from the taxing work of staking and mining.
What made MTL different from other cryptocurrencies is its effort to become a highly regarded virtual coin both online and offline. The company makes it a priority to acquire licenses, integrating its platform with banking systems across the globe. More so, its solutions are rigorous enough to address the payment needs of both physical and web retailers.
As it functions through blockchain technology, users are guaranteed a fully decentralized way of fund transfer and cryptographically intact methods of information sharing. More so, it has a relatively low level of financial discrepancies compared to centralized banking.
Advanced technical know-how is not a prerequisite in trading MTL. As it functions without the need to mine or stake, users do not have to possess deep knowledge about cryptography. More so, it is designed with the intention of bringing nothing but ease and profitability to traders.
Far from the common notion that surrounds cryptocurrencies, MTL is transparent enough to provide users pertinent information. It also has a clear rundown of developers and most of them have a solid work background.
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Frequently Asked Questions
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MTL Technology

MetalPay is still in its preliminary phase of development. Though it has so much to prove, users do not have to worry as they are secured with the most advantageous conditions. This is mainly from the fact the MTL developers came from well-established and renowned companies such as American Express, Visa, and Apple Inc. Their expertise in the field of finance, entrepreneurship, and cryptocurrency ensures that users get only the best.
MTL is available on various exchanges including:
● Cryptopia
● Upbit
● OKEx
● Huobi
● CoinSwitch
● CoinTree
● Bithumb
● Binance.
● Idex
Note that MTL is flexible as it is considered an ERC20 token. This means that it functions on the Ethereum blockchain. Any wallet compatible to the system can be used to store MTL coins. MyEtherWallet and Mist are just two of the most commonly used wallets for MTL storing. The official MTL wallet, on the other hand, is undergoing public alpha testing. Once it is fully complete, traders will be able to store MTL to its own wallet together with other supported cryptocurrencies.
Selling MTL is relatively easy as you only have to search for the chosen cryptocurrency pair and click on “Sell MTL”. From there, you’ll be redirected to fill up spaces including the amount of MTL you want to sell. As this virtual coin is new in the market, it has a small selection of fiat transactions and you may not be able to directly exchange it for the currency of your choice.

How to Mine MTL?

Despite being a virtual coin, Metal cannot be mined nor staked. The easiest way of getting MTL is through exchanges or through task and transaction completion. This rejects the common method of virtual coin acquisition. Instead, it provides an efficient and hassle-free method by simply meeting task requirements. Just when MetalPay is fully released to the public, users will get an opportunity to purchase and trade MTL using fiat currencies and other virtual coins.

Risks of MTL Trading

As mentioned above, MTL plans on expanding its scope beyond webspace. It aims to become the primary solution that unites fiat and virtual coins. This promise is what keeps its value soaring to an unprecedented level. However, it also projects a downside as it is still in a preliminary stage of development. Being in the alpha phase entails sharp market fluctuations and high volatility is very possible.
What appears to be another downside that may be an issue in the future is its value. As a commodity developed by former employees of the world’s renowned companies, its price has a high tendency to soar further. Though these are inherent in virtual coin trading, what makes MTL worthy of investment is its robust innovation and a wide plethora of features.
MTL definitely has its share of downsides but to fully assess whether to invest or not, consider if the following criteria are favorable enough. SUPPLY According to CoinMarketCap, the total number of MTL is 66,588,888. 19, 300,994 of which are in circulation as the active supply is constantly traded and shared across the webspace. REWARDS MTL has an interesting promo, allowing anyone to earn up to 5% in every transaction. A total of 26,341,112 MTL are allocated for this scheme and an additional 13,378,88 are kept in the operational pool. BUSINESS TARGETS The company has set a vision of addressing the financial needs of small to medium-sized businesses. It caters to high-risk and cash-intensive merchants wanting to accept virtual coins as payment. This arrangement will heavily dictate the value of MTL tokens.

The Future of Metal

As a cryptocurrency that holds so much potential, it is necessary to evaluate the challenges that it might encounter in the future. More so, one has to determine its salient points in order to assess whether it deserves a sound purchase. Some say that this is a feasible system and soon it will replace the traditional method of banking. But despite its advantages, one has to understand that the system is still new, making it susceptible to malfunctions. But until such time it has completely established its name, traders are left with nothing but to risk.
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