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NRG is a digital currency that can be used around the world. The full name of this coin is “Energi”. Developers want this cryptocurrency to be the best token in the world.
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Features of NRG

Lack of ICO or pre-mining
Developers thought out everything carefully to have a strong system to motivate a mining process. They have the biggest Treasury among other cryptocurrencies. It is decentralized, and that fact allows get more and more positive reviews.
Money is spent effectively
Developers work every day to maintain to make the most from the money invested in NRG. Every dollar invested in their ecosystem has to return much more if it is spent on development, marketing, and other campaigns that expand the opportunities of NRG developers. NRG is used in business, marketing, and space technologies.
Effective mining system
Thanks to this, billions of dollars are saved for cryptocurrency improvement and growth. A significant part of remuneration returns to the treasury and masternode holders, who maintain safety, fast transactions on the network. Treasury keeps money and decides how it can be spent to develop the digital currency and provide quality services.
Fast developing
This project started in 2017 and now, it has done more than 20 points on the roadmap. Soon, it will have thousands of clients and will be a strong global organization because of many innovative ideas and a correct approach to financial spendings.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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NRG Technology

NRG is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on technology that can provide the highest level of security. You are as protected as a bank customer. Earlier, there was a problem when scammers discarded coins and decreased the worth of every NRG cryptocurrency owner.
To solve this problem, the number of confirmations has been increased to 5000. In comparison, earlier this number was 6, and orders were executed in 5 minutes. Thus, high speed was very attractive for thieves, but now this is not a problem. Energi Bureau of Investigation (EBI) has been able to restore more than 750 thousand lost dollars. NRG users can save their assets in the bank and feel safe in comparison to other users of cryptocurrency. This part of technology started as a temporary measure, but it was so necessary that developers decided to leave this feature. However, some users said that a long time of confirmation is not convenient, but there are a lot of advantages of this approach and some people don’t feel any difficulties because:
1. Long-term holders don’t move their coins so much. Professional investors plan the withdraw in advance. This feature isn’t a problem for them because they plan for a longer time of execution.
2. Money is kept on the exchange. That’s why this feature doesn’t affect them.
3. Price is maintained at a higher level with less number of errors (up to 50% and more) because scammers don’t have an opportunity to sell NRG. Due to this, holders can sell cryptocurrency at the best price when they really need to get an income.
4. This new feature can be applied only to the deposits on the exchanges. Every person who wants to use NRG as a payment instrument can do it instantly.
Anyway, NRG cryptocurrency holders can be sure in safety because this innovative feature protects them from different scammers and makes the network more reliable. It spreads on owners who have a big number of NRG because scammers’ actions can cause great damage. In the future, developers are considering expanding this feature to smaller amounts of NRG.

How to mine NRG?

As we said earlier, part of the cryptocurrency reward is locked for project goals. First, you need to install an Energi Core Node and launch this application. You can download it on the Energi official website. You need to have at least 1 NRG to start mining. Due to this, you need to exchange your existing cryptocurrency to NRG on Beaxy. The next actions are as follows:
1. Connect with Energy Core Node. To achieve this goal on Windows, you have to open the Start menu, open the “Energi Gen 3” folder, and choose the “Attach” application. When we talk about MacOS, you don’t need to do anything because you have already placed on the Energi Core Node console. As for Linux or external VPS servers, we need to open the console and write there two strings:
a. On first – energi3 attach.
b. On second – personal.unlockAccount(‘Gen3Address’, null, 0, true).
After that, you need to write the password. Don’t worry about the lack of letters in the console. It is good because the program hides them automatically for security. After unlocking, the console will show the word “true”.
2. Check your status. Launch the following command to understand whether can you mine or not. If you are allowed to do this, the console will say “true”.
3. Check your reward. Go to the NRG Blokchain Explorer and input your email. Open a “Coin Balance History» tab and see your reward.
Congratulations! Now, you can mine NRG. You can find answers to your other questions on the official website.

Risks of NRG trading

Investment risk. It is not related to this token but cryptocurrencies in general. This type of financial asset is very volatile. You can buy NRG at one price, but in 2 hours the price can become lower and you might lose your money. To prevent this negative factor, you should create an investment portfolio where NRG is one asset among a big number of other different investment tools. It is also recommended to have financial instruments with low risk such as bank deposits, government bonds, etc. You can significantly decrease the possibility of a negative result. Security risk. Real estate or stocks have fewer risks because of better security levels in comparison to cryptocurrency. You can call a broker and make an order whenever you want. However, you can trade cryptocurrencies only if you have an internet connection. Also, cryptocurrency trading is associated with hackers who can hunt for your tokens. NRG token creators have done a lot to prevent the users from those attacks but this risk remains. Internet isn’t as safe trading method as offline exchanging. This is especially true for cryptocurrencies which are traded only via the internet and aren’t outside this global network. Regulatory risk. All cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by anyone. That’s why it is so important to find a platform that keep your funds safe. An example of such a platform is Beaxy. There, you can buy or sell cryptocurrencies for many goals: earn more money or use digital coins as a payment method. Lack of regulation by the government or non-government organizations is associated with greater risks, but it also offers different opportunities. No one can control you. Like any other investment asset, opportunities go together with risks, but this fact doesn't mean that you should give up.

NRG prospects

Prospects of Energi token are totally positive. This coin grows steadily. It can be competitive with other cryptocurrencies because of the wise marketing and development approach. This coin is protected from hackers and inflation and comfortable for mining.
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