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TOMO is an interesting blockchain project that has a full name “TOMOchain”. This is a powerful and scalable project, and it can be used for business goals around the world. TOMO is a fully-functional ecosystem that has a lot of advantages such as speed, confidentiality, and a high level of comfort.
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Features of TOMO

A lot of cryptocurrencies aren’t scalable. This is a big problem but TOMO doesn’t have it. For example, Bitcoin developers created this token with one megabyte of the basic structure for keeping data in the blockchain. With the growing popularity of Bitcoin, the number of transactions increased, and sometimes there is a queue. This problem doesn’t exist with TOMO token.
Developers created a technology of double-checking and randomization that can make you confident in the reliability of this cryptocurrency. TOMO could create an EVM-compatible environment.
You can pay for all tokens you want via special TomoZ protocol. It is based on the TRC21 standard. It can help solve a critical problem that exists in many other cryptocurrencies. Due to this, users have to keep their own tokens (Ethereum, for example) in their wallets even if they are members of the dAPP ecosystem. It is very difficult. Also, this protocol is fast.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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TOMO technology

TOMO creators created a scalable and safe technology based on Proof-of-Stake consensus. You can be sure of your financial stability because of anonymous transactions that are hidden from other people. They can’t find out who sent and got the money. Also, no one will be able to see the transaction amount.
TOMO supports dAPP technology. If you want to become a developer, you can find all the necessary guidelines on the TOMOchain official website. Creators of this project have created everything to make you happy about the level of comfort in the developing process. You can create your own dAPPs in 3 simple steps:
1. Write your first smart contract. First, you need to install the instruments from TOMOchain official website, then write your own app using the manuals.
2. Deploy your smart contract on TomoChain. First, you need to create your wallet, set up the Truffle migration and take some simple steps to achieve this goal.
3. Create a UI to make people be able to interact with dAPPs.
TomoChain gives all the necessary APIs. That’s why developers can feel themselves comfortably.
Also, TOMO token supports dApps. This is a very prospective feature that helps users and developers see the world in another way. Maybe, you know special apps that give you some tokens for some actions such as writing articles, giving likes, and others. Also, you can get a reward for voting or mining.
dApps is an improved version of classical apps and more protected from hackers. Also, it is more clear and stable thanks to blockchain technologies. TOMOchain and dAPPs are based on blockchain. What is it?
In simple words, this is a big register of recordings that are saved in the blocks. All actions are carried out by consensus. This register isn’t saved in a certain place, and there is no company that can control it. The special validation system has been created to protect users from hackers and dishonest actions. All new recordings are added regularly, and there is no recording that can be deleted by anyone. If it happens, a special decentralized system corrects register immediately.
dAPPs are applications that work on the decentralized network. There are some common characteristics of dAPPs:
● They are clear and transparent. Everyone can see recordings which are saved in the blockchain.
● Mostly, dAPPs have open source. That’s why the community can check code, find bugs and follow the development stages.
● Tokens are generated inside the product.
● Miners are rewarded by the system. Also, validators and some other community members can get money rewards. The application has to generate tokens according to the standard cryptographic algorithm.
There are a lot of advantages of dAPPS (TOMO isn’t an exception):
Decentralization. The central server doesn’t block or control some information.
Confidentiality. Thanks to decentralization, data is transferred in an encrypted format.
All transactions are protected. A P2P connection is maintained by blockchain.
You can play different roles: cryptocurrency holder, developer, miner or tester. All of these positions are associated with the money you can earn.
For example, you can play or develop games on the blockchain. You can find the instructions on how to create them on the TOMOchain official website. In the section for developers, you can find different interesting tips on how to build different blockchain apps.

How to mine TOMO?

If you want to mine TOMO, you can become a Masternode. You can be one of the 150 Masternodes who can create new blocks, verify and validate them. It has some advantages in comparison to mining. For example, you don’t need to have a powerful computer or network. You can become one of the other Masternodes who contribute to the network. For this work, you can get a reward.
If you want to mine TOMO, you can download an UberMiner application. This free app works in 24/7 mode. You won’t lose the money if you have some troubles. There are some advantages of this app:
Free. You can download and install this miner for free, but if you get a reward, you should share it with developers. A commission is 2%.
Regular updates. Since the list of available cryptocurrencies changes regularly, it updates automatically.
Anonymous and safe. A wallet address – that’s all you need to start work. You don’t have to register and tell someone your personal data. During the mining process, a safe HTTPS connection is always used. That’s why you can be sure that no one will steal your tokens.
All payments are carried out by the mining pool, not this program creator. This is an app that can help you mine TOMO, nothing more.

Risks of TOMO trading

Risks connected with trading. All cryptocurrencies are high-risk associated assets because of their volatility. When you sell a coin, there is a possibility you would do it at a lower price than when you bought it. This price change can occur in a very little time. Risks not associated with trading. There is a bad internet connection, scammers and many other negative factors that can affect your financial result. Regulatory risk. On one side, TOMO is a decentralized cryptocurrency, and this is associated with some opportunities such as freedom and others. On the other side, no one provides for the security of traders.

TOMO prospects

TOMO is a promising cryptocurrency which supports dAPPs and will be useful for different categories of users: developers, miners, masternodes, etc. Remember to diversify the investment portfolio because risks are very high. You must also trade different classical financial instruments to decrease three categories of risks that are mentioned above.
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