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Wagerr is crypto token hailing from the betting platform of the same name, The token derives its utility from participants who use the cryptocurrency to engage with the online betting platform.
As such, it can be sold or bought on a number of exchanges, including Beaxy Exchange. Trading Wagerr has never been easier. Create your free Beaxy account at Beaxy.com today.
Once you’ve created your free account on Beaxy Exchange, complete the quick and easy verification process. At that point, you’re ready to fund your account with fiat, cryptocurrency, or credit card. When you have a verified and funded account, you are all set to begin trading Wagerr tokens on Beaxy.
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Features of Wagerr

Self-Custody Wallets
Wager, the better platform, stands out by allowing users to fund and defund their accounts with a self-custodied wallet. This means that the sportsbook is never in control of your money. As long as your wallet’s seed phrase is secure, you don’t have to worry about counterparty risks related to your funds being lost or stolen.
No-Limit Betting
Wagerr Sportsbook features no-limit betting. This is great for high-value bettors and those looking to cash out on bets with high odds.
Better Odds
By using the WGR token to settle bets on the Wagerr platform, the sportsbook does not incur the high costs usually associated with running a book. This allows the platform to offer more favorable odds to those that are betting on Wagerr. When you win on Wagerr, you get a bigger payout. When you lose on Wagerr, you risked less money.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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What is Wagerr?

And now let’s discuss the exact nature of Wagerr, and how you can trade on Beaxy in these coins.
As mentioned, Wagerr is a crypto token. However, even calling them tokens isn’t exactly right, because tokens are often given to users freely as a bonus for the activity on the platform.
In this instance, you can only purchase WGR coins, and not even on the official platform. To purchase some of them, you need to visit the exchanges that support the coin directly for Bitcoin.
Then you can either hold onto them or use them in your betting strategies. As a result, you can obtain more of them or lose them. But if you win more of them, you can just as fast convert them into Bitcoin on the very same platform where you purchased them.
After that, withdraw these BTC into one of your Bitcoin wallets and use these funds to trade on an actual trustworthy exchange of your choice, like Beaxy. This is the most common way to use such inner coins in practice.

Wagerr Technology

First of all, Wagerr can be bought. If there was any initial coin offer (ICO), there’s no information about it. However, there are several exchanges, including Beaxy, where Wagerr coins are acceptable for both selling and buying at a market price, in most cases, only for Bitcoin.
On such exchanges you can both obtain your initial supply of Wagerr to bet in and convert the profits into Bitcoin. Fortunately, the connection between the exchanges and the platform is official, making the process of transferring the coins in any direction incredibly smooth and fast.
But let’s head back to the subject of value-building. The method of value growing employed by the Wagerr co is called ‘Value Coupling’.
Value Coupling is performed in such sequence:
● When the bet placed by the user proves true, the profit won by the better obviously exceeds the initial betting volume. So, let’s say the better placed a bet of 100 WGR at 2.5:1 odds.
● In case of win, the pure amount of WGR won will be 250 WGR. However, the house takes a fee. Usually, the fee is 6% of the winnings.
● So, out of the 150 WGR, 141 WGR is returned to the bettor, while the fee of 9 WGR remains with the house.
● Out of 9 WGR roughly half is ‘destroyed’. Since the supply of WGR is somewhat diminished, the value of existing tokens must rise.
Through such deflation the value of coins slowly rises. This way, anyone who holds the WGR coins wins.

How to mine Wagerr?

Wagerr are not minable. You can acquire them in three major ways, however.
The first method is buying them. Again, you’ll need BTC for it. Some platforms may have other pairs, including USD and ETH. But if you want to use these newly-obtained savings in your Beaxy trading account, Bitcoin is the safe bet.
The second method is betting. Most bettors on Wagerr use the official mobile app called Wagerr Wallet to both monitor the situation on the market and see how valuable their WGR savings have grown. Here you can also place bets and transfer your winnings elsewhere. It’s a generally comfortable app. On Google Market, for instance, it has 4.2, which isn’t bad for such kind of software.
The third method requires joining the Oracle program, the official program by Wagerr Co. Its mission benefits both the creators and the active agents. The agents are expected to gather the information about successful bets and write it down onto blockchain. This data will help determine the outcomes of the future bets. For their services the agents receive the incentives – a portion of fees (which come in WGR coins).

Risks of Wagerr Trading

The risks of Wagerr trading may be obvious.
First of all, the process requires you to participate in betting. True, betting and trading are very similar. Betting, however, experiences the human factor on a much higher level – after all, you bet on the outcome of matches. Because of it, betting is sometimes much riskier than trading. Of course, you can just hold onto these coins and wait to see if they grow to be more valuable,
Secondly, unlike other currencies and tokens, you can’t trade in Wagerr in one place and rip the benefits therein. On Beaxy, for instance, you can trade in the BXY token (or any other currency or token available here), receive your profits and withdraw them, all without leaving the platform.
With WGR, however, you need to purchase WGR coins, transfer them to your Wagger Wallet, then send them to some exchange, trade them for Bitcoin there, transfer the BTC to your BTC wallet and finally use the contents of this wallet to trade on Beaxy.
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