Regrettably, we are announcing the immediate suspension of services on Beaxy Exchange. Due to the uncertain regulatory environment surrounding our business, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations. You can read the final judgment of the SEC complaint here.
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  • 3 new Fiat pairs: BTC-USD, BXY-USD, ETH-USD
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  • FDIC insured deposits, custody for both crypto & Fiat
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Suspension of services on Beaxy Exchange
Fiat transfers dollars, euros, pounds, and yen to buy crypto
Become a Beaxy Affiliate Earn 30% of their trading fees forever 
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Two way ramp for 6 major fiat currencies
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Volatility Tested Servers Trade during the most critical time windows. Avoid 404 errors at the worst times.
Trender Tinder-like trading with a 70% win rate. Take winning trades with the swipe of your finger.
Industry-Leading Security Institutional-grade security on your crypto deposited to beaxy. Powered by Curv.
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Beaxy was built for the financial future. Our worldwide clientele trade digital assets (crypto) on one of the fastest cryptocurrency exchanges in the industry. A membership with beaxy has unique advantages that can help you build a secure, future-proofed financial portfolio. Our cryptocurrency exchange was built to bridge the gap from legacy finance to the crypto powered economy while maintaining a tradecraft constructed over decades of experience in legacy markets. Register an account today to start trading over 37 different cryptocurrencies including some of the best performing assets in history like Bitcoin and Ethereum....

We specialize in crypto trading, powering traders in 185 countries and 43 U.S. states. Join us and try crypto trading using our platform.

Our main goal is to democratize access to the financial future. We can help you to create a springboard for building your crypto portfolio and guide you to a comprehensive understanding of the processes connected with trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Beaxy was constructed by a team comprising primarily finance experts using finely tuned algorithms and other assets to analyze current dynamics in the crypto world. Using cutting-edge trading tools, our team enables you to find the best way to manage your cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Moreover, beaxy provides a highly dedicated customer support team that is ready to assist clients in reaching their financial goals.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a cryptocurrency exchange is making sure it can keep your funds protected and your data private. Beaxy uses multi-party computation protocol (MPC) technology developed by Curv Digital Asset custody to keep your assets as secure as possible. This is why the list of clients who entrust their digital assets to Beaxy is long and growing daily. In addition, our operations are compliant with all applicable U.S. and international finance regulations. In the long run, strict adherence to these regulatory guideposts allows us to sustainably provide the best crypto trading services to our customers.

Here’s Why Cryptocurrency Exchanges Have Become a Necessity for Traders and Investors.

Everything around us is going digital as daily life moves onto the internet. Cryptocurrencies are simply the next step in the digitization of our world, so you can think of a cryptocurrency exchange as a place to move your money from analog to digital, from paper to bits. Performing such a conversion has the benefit of solving difficult problems surrounding the movement of money in traditional finance. Veteran investors and traders are all too familiar with these problems which is why a new kind of platform was needed – one that speaks the language of both finance and crypto.

The following are some ways crypto trading can solidify your financial plan:

  • Make your life easier with crypto transactions – cryptocurrency transactions cut out all unnecessary intermediaries, fees, and paperwork associated with funds transfers.
  • Bitcoin is a globally recognized asset – transfer BTC and numerous types of globally fungible assets using your cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Crypto trading is far more cost-effective in terms of trading commission fees. Beaxy in particular charges less than nearly all U.S. based cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Get an easy way to check your money – access all of your cryptocurrency exchange accounts from our intuitive mobile application available on both iOS and Android.
  • Crypto makes global trade more accessible – Cryptocurrencies provide an excellent low-barrier channel for international investing. You can invest in projects all over the world starting with the equivalent of a few U.S. dollars. Crypto trading is conducted on cryptocurrency exchanges using decentralized blockchain networks that are maintained and developed by talented entrepreneurs and engineers all over the world. Before cryptocurrency, access to potentially lucrative investments was mostly limited to accredited investors. Now, anyone with virtually any amount of money can invest in innovative products at the ground floor. Thanks to this broadened access to exciting projects, we have already seen thousands of everyday investors turned into millionaires.
  • Transactions with cryptocurrencies are irreversible, privacy-enabled, and censorship resistant- An irrevocable ledger is part and parcel of the cryptocurrency methodology. This means after a transfer has been authorized, it cannot be reversed. Because of this feature, it is very important to triple check your withdrawal address after engaging in crypto trading on a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Cryptocurrencies with a finite supply can offer protection against inflation in your native currency. With central banks around the world increasing their respective money supplies, and by extension, the rate of inflation for their national currency, it becomes more important to have a hedge in place. Digital assets such as bitcoin offer a limited supply but still experience a high degree of volatility in the short-term. In the long run, Bitcoin has gone far beyond protecting value. Since it launched in 2009, the original cryptocurrency has provided average annualized returns of 230%. Making it the best performing asset of the last decade.

Although cryptocurrencies make the transfer and storage of money much simpler, the world enabled by blockchain does not end there. The next exciting economic innovation in this space surrounds the topic of cryptocurrency contracts. Cryptocurrencies that live on the Ethereum network, for example, can allow for self-executing, decentralized contracts which can be programmed to require multiple third-party approvals such as notaries, lawyers, and engineers. Decentralized contracts add a trustless tool to your financial repertoire and drive higher productivity. The daily functioning of these contracts can be observed in the area of decentralized finance. The sooner one adopts cryptocurrencies the sooner one can become a native of the future economy. With only two percent of the world invested in crypto now, the opportunity still exists to reap the rewards of being early to cryptocurrencies and the crypto economy.