CFX: A better PSP for Brokers

A crypto solution tailored for FX providers

CFX is a web app custom-built for one purpose: To recover the margin FX brokers have been losing to PSPs.  Too often providers and their clients are paying far too much to get into and out of crypto. Adding CFX to your platform results in less chargebacks, higher acceptance rates, lower fees, and no rolling reserve requirement. Once CFX is integrated with your trading platform, your clients can purchase crypto for as little as 2.1% and the funds will automatically credit to their FX trading account.

CFX lets you offer instant card deposits for client trading accounts while recovering 7-20% of the margin you’ve been paying to traditional PSPs.
  • A better price

    Your clients can top up their trading accounts in minutes for as little as 2.1% using Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, SEPA, or Revolut.

  • Less Chargebacks, More accepted transactions

    Our system features robust anti-fraud detection and identity verification measures to ensure each transaction’s validity. Fully auditable blockchain records can prove receipt of funds.

  • Rapid Setup

    CFX can be deployed on your website or trading platform in less than 10 days. Zero Rolling Reserve Requirements. Other PSPs require 5-10% of monthly transaction flow to be held in reserve. 

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Work with a regulated Counterparty

Money Services Business trusted by global regulators, Beaxy is uniquely situated to face off with both traditional PSPs and FX Brokers to move your assets at the best price point.

In addition to CFX, Beaxy offers a full suite of institutional cryptocurrency services:
  • Deep liquidity
  • No market impact
  • Discreet/Secure Execution and Settlement
  • Tailored algorithmic solutions
  • Support for several major fiat currencies
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About Beaxy and CFX

Beaxy was founded in 2017 and operates as a fully regulated, global crypto exchange with over 30,000 users.  The management team brings together a wealth of diverse expertise.  Added to decades of trading experience in every asset class (Proprietary Trading, Investment Banks, Crypto and Traditional Asset Management, and Hedge Funds), the Beaxy core team uses a profound understanding of consumer products, internet commerce, and data science to weave together products like CFX which are primed to remove obstacles for brokers.

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