Why does this matter to you?


Save your time

In short, it means anyone can be an algo trader. You can save time by automating your trades, increase efficiency by employing bots to run day and night


More value

Maximize value by employing more advanced strategies, all with a few clicks of the mouse


Simple and efficient

Automation becomes a powerful tool to enhance your trading capabilities. The best part is, you don’t need any prior experience to get started

What does Hummingbot do?

Hummingbot automates your trading via an easy to understand interface.
You download Hummingbot, connect your Beaxy exchange account,
and set the strategies and parameters that you want to use.

Algorithmic trading strategies available through Hummingbot include
pure market making, advanced market making, cross exchange market making, and arbitrage.

1. Step one is to download and install the platform

windows apple

For Windows and Mac

Download Hummingbot

2. Step two is to connect your newly downloaded Hummingbot to Beaxy

1) You’ll need to generate API keys from Beaxy. When inputting API keys, you can find these in your MyAccount area of your Beaxy account. Login and select “API Management”.


2) Now it’s time to connect Hummingbot to Beaxy. If you do not already have it running, go ahead and launch it, your method of doing this will depend on your operating system.

3) The bot will ask you to put in a password, remember that while it will not have the ability to withdraw from your Beaxy account, it will have the ability to create and cancel orders so make sure to choose a strong one!

4) You should now be presented with the Hummingbot window - the upper left panel will contain menus and reports, the lower left is the console where you enter commands, and the right side of the screen is a running log of the bot’s interactions with outside systems.

To connect the bot to Beaxy is just three simple steps:

4-1) In the prompt, type “connect beaxy”


4-2) You will then be asked to enter your API key (the shorter one).


And your Secret Key (the longer one) that you generated on the Beaxy platform.


4-3) Once they are entered correctly, the bot will test the connection and let you know that it is successful and you are ready to enter the world of algo trading!


For other exchange connections, please refer to Hummingbot’s documentation

3. Step three, you’re ready to get started!

Once you’re all set up you’re ready to start algo trading!

You can take your trading to the next level.

Find videos on how to fully optimize your Hummingbot experience on Beaxy.


For additional help with Hummingbot, apply to join our Beaxy Black VIP trading group.

You’ll get up to 30% back in Bitcoin, deposited direct to your account, based on the volume you do on Beaxy. You’ll also get direct customer support, help setting up bots, and much more!

Disclaimer: The Beaxy and Hummingbot integration is a custom built integration based on the open source Hummingbot codebase. Use of the Hummingbot system on Beaxy is subject to all terms and conditions that would typically apply to Beaxy users, including risks associated with using the Hummingbot system. Beaxy is not liable for any losses incurring through the use of the Hummingbot platform. The user accepts any risks incurred from the use of Hummingbot.

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