Trading EOS (EOS) on Beaxy

Trading EOS (EOS) on Beaxy

According to the Coinmarketcap ranking, EOS is the 12th largest coin in terms of capitalization. Its creator participated in the creation of the Steemit blog, which has been using the STEEM token to pay bloggers for posting articles for a number of years. When EOS blockchain network was launched, it quickly sparked a commotion in the market for digital assets.

The EOS timeline

At the Consensus Conference in May 2017, Dan Larimer declared the launch of the EOS project. The founder of the cryptocurrency already had two successful platforms under his belt at the time of the announcement: the BitShares exchange, which launched in 2014, and the Steemit social network, which launched in 2016 and has its own coin that rewards user engagement. Both prior projects have impressively quick system transactions and a solid reputation, which helps sustain the EOS project’s reputation.

The creation of software that enables developers to quickly launch complex decentralized projects, applications, social networks, and exchanges is an even more complex project that Dan plans to implement on the blockchain. He notes that both of his previous projects have given him knowledge that will help him in his decision. is the owner of EOS. There are fifty people on the development team. is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, with offices in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, and is registered in the Cayman Islands.

The developers want to make EOS the world’s fastest, most flexible, most user-friendly blockchain. The introduction of an application development platform served as the cornerstone for EOS’ success. The development team’s primary focus is on producing new libraries and tools for programmers building blockchain applications based on EOS.

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Launch of the ICO

The first EOS token sale ran from June 2017 to June 2018 and lasted the entire year. A successful marketing strategy helped the new cryptocurrency get attention from investors. 1,000,000,000 tokens were produced during the ICO, 10% of which were reserved for developers and the remaining 90% by investors. The EOS cryptocurrency was supposed to be put up for auction when the ICO campaign was over, but after two months the tokens were freely traded on exchanges. During the ICO, raised a record-breaking $4 billion, greatly surpassing the total raised by several other prosperous initiatives.

EOS Benefits

The major rival to Ethereum is EOS, a platform for creating decentralized applications. Its interface is straightforward and practical, and it processes transactions quickly—up to 100,000 per second. It’s an internal currency for the Ethereum-based EOS Token ERC-20 blockchain network. The following are the EOS platform’s primary benefits:

Excellent scalability – The system is capable of performing tasks like parallel execution and asynchronous communication. It is used by thousands of commercial applications, and transactions happen almost instantaneously.

Convenience of development – A web-assembly platform and a large selection of tools are offered. Here, you can halt and fix an unsuccessful program and make use of pre-made templates to build user interfaces and client databases.

Free use of the fundamental features – The necessary building blocks are free to use if you want to start a blockchain ecosystem or a decentralized application on the EOS platform.

EOS is quite alluring to investors. It has created a novel method of luring outside funding: the system’s potential capabilities are divided among all network users in proportion to the quantity of EOS coins that are available. Additionally, benefits like these are given to coin holders:

  • owners can charge for system transactions
  • access to blockchain storage
  • the ability to have an impact on system administration
  • access to applications created in the system and their users
  • earnings from EOS
  • distribution of already-existing coins through airdrops
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EOS historical price

Decentralized - Transparent - Immutable

In April 2018, EOS reached its peak exchange value, surpassing $17.5. When the price of EOS hit $8.5 in May 2019, volatility again increased. As of this writing, the price of EOS is roughly $0.9. By examining the value of the EOS cryptocurrency on a chart, we can deduce that it is one of the more volatile coins, making it attractive for traders. Intelligent traders can earn a lot from all of EOS’s ups and downs because profits from the transaction can be generated on both asset value increases and decreases.

Trading EOS (EOS) on Beaxy

You must partner with a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange if you want to trade EOS profitably. Selecting a crypto exchange is crucial because it serves as a conduit between you and the market. For instance, Beaxy, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange, allows you to trade EOS cryptocurrency: EOS/BTC.

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 EOS Buy

To purchase this coin, go to a cryptocurrency exchange. EOS’s price has fluctuated by tens of thousands of percent since its launch. These price swings give traders an opportunity to increase the return on their investments.

On the Beaxy cryptocurrency exchange, you can buy EOS with Bitcoin: eos - btc .

To make money using EOS, you can employ a variety of tactics that work for you. For instance, you can purchase EOS for a period of one day to many weeks in the medium term. In this scenario, you’ll be able to earn from trades on a regular basis. But there are also “faster” tactics, such scalping, where buying and selling a token can take several minutes. Using this method, investors can make up to 100 trades every day, and the earnings from them can sometimes total a substantial amount.

EOS exchange

Use a cryptocurrency exchange for the lowest commissions and the fastest and safest trading of cryptocurrencies. On the Beaxy exchange, for instance, you can exchange EOS for Bitcoin: eos - btc . This implies that you must first convert your money to Bitcoin in order to purchase the necessary amount of EOS. Bitcoin is combined with brand-new or less well-known coins despite being the most widely used cryptocurrency worldwide. However, it won’t take much time or work to convert to Bitcoin to EOS. The Beaxy cryptocurrency exchange will give you the ability to complete transactions with just one click, preventing you from missing the ideal opportunity to acquire or sell an asset. However, it goes beyond being just a cutting-edge trading platform. The Beaxy cryptocurrency exchange offers its customers a personal analyst who responds to any inquiries about purchasing, selling, and trading assets as well as a wealth of free training resources to improve your acumen and investment returns. Join Beaxy as we explore the fascinating world of investing!