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List your token on Beaxy

Are you interested in listing your coin or token on Beaxy?

Feel free to fill out and submit your listing application. Once your application is reviewed, a Beaxy team member will reach out to continue the discussion.

Benefits of listing on Beaxy

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Showcase your project to the world

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No high fees to pay

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Expand your token’s utility

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Access to greater liquidity and global markets

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Listing on a US exchange

And, more!

Importance of coin and token listings

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The relationship between exchanges and cryptocurrencies forms the backbone of the crypto markets. Coins and tokens seek listings on exchanges so their digital assets have a global marketplace where peers can exchange them for other cryptocurrencies, as well as FIAT currencies like U.S. Dollars, Euros, and more. Beaxy provides this service for quality projects.

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At Beaxy, we support you all the way through your listing. Direct chat rooms will be established so you can work together with our team to iron out all the details. All types of cryptocurrency are supported, from ERC20 to custom blockchains.

Through our network, essential services like market making, marketing, and technical support for coin listings are made available. This ensures the listing process is quick, easy, and comprehensive so coin and token projects can go on doing what is most important, building a great product.

If you have questions or would like more information about our listing process please contact us at info@beaxy.com