Beaxy Exchange API Portal

Beaxy’s API provides you with comprehensive data that allows you to expand your trading system’s potential. Whether you’re new to algorithmic trading or an experienced pro, we’ll give you everything you need to widen your capabilities.

For help setting up your API connection, visit our discord here and tag a team member.


Adding Beaxy’s API into your trading system gives you real-time market data unlike any other.

The days of simultaneously connecting to multiple exchanges to get the best price are over.


Beaxy offers superior messaging and matching technology that enables you to trade with confidence. Our order books provide liquidity that is on par with the world’s largest crypto markets giving you competitive spreads 24/7.

With Beaxy’s trading API you can:

  • Access real-time price and volume data
  • View historical price and volume data
  • Send 117 calls per second for each unique IP address
  • Buy, sell, send and receive assets held on Beaxy
  • Get notifications when transactions are executed

And much more!


Trade Now

with Beaxy's API

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