Main FAQ

Getting Started

Maintenance Policy How do I complete KYC? What is Beaxy?


Who operates the Beaxy Exchange? Account Suspension Unsupported Countries and States


How to make a referral Deposit Bonus FAQ Fund Your Beaxy Account With a Wire Transfer Purchasing crypto through Simplex How do I open an account? See all 5 articles

Orders Types

Stop Loss Order Limit FOK Order Limit IOC Order Limit Order See all 4 articles

Trade History

What information is located in the Recent Trades section?


Preventing Phishing Security tips Storing your 2FA “manual entry” backup How do I enable / disable 2FA (two-factor authentication) How do I change my password? Authy Authenticator What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) See all 7 articles

My Profile

How do I know that my account is verified?

My Wallets

How do I create a new wallet? How do I check my balances? How do I withdraw funds? How do I deposit funds? See all 4 articles

Orders Types

How do I find my Order ID? How do I see my order history? How do I see my open orders?


What is the fee structure? How do I pay trading fees with BXY?

Email Notifications

How do I enable / disable alerts?


Market Impact Which markets does Beaxy support?

Buy/Sell Form

What are the Market Trading Rules? What order types are available? How do I place a buy/sell order?


Will my changes (customization) be saved when I log in next time?

Order Book

Where can I see the depth chart? How do I read the order book?
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