Beaxy Exchange Announces A Partnership With Gunbot, One of Crypto’s Most Trusted Trading Bots

November 03, 2020 | 

Gunbot V20

The Gunbot team has partnered with Beaxy Exchange to provide high-performance trading on a low fee, US exchange that offers crypto trading against 6 major fiat currencies.

Gunbot V20

On the heels of Gunbot’s V20 upgrade, users of the popular trading bot can now leverage the platform to trade algorithmically on Beaxy Exchange.

The Beaxy Exchange integration is especially exciting for Gunbot’s traders because regardless of the number of exchanges their license is limited to, Gunbot users can connect to Beaxy at no additional cost.

In addition to this free API slot to Beaxy by Gunbot – Beaxy Exchange gives traders a registered, US cryptocurrency exchange that offers tailored trading for digital assets, industry-leading security, and will match every dollar that they deposit up to $500. 

Trade 11 of the top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap on an exchange that offers more major fiat pairs than every other US exchange but one.

Gunbot users can connect to Beaxy

What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is an easy-to-use automated trading platform with advanced capabilities that make it a perfect choice for new and experienced traders alike.  When using Gunbot, you can build and backtest a strategy that is tailored to your style of trading or utilize one of the pre-built strategies that are designed by expert traders.  Gunbot features more than 100 indicators that can be combined to implement a more insightful trading bot with increased performance. 

With the upgraded V20 Gunbot license, traders get access to: 

  • Market maker strategies
  • Triangular arbitrage strategies
  • TradingView charting library and alerts
  • Trade on 100+ exchanges via CCXT.PRO
  • Real-time PnL statistics
  • Create, modify, and cancel orders directly on the chart
  • 24/7 support

And, more. 

Industry-leading Security. Peace of Mind

Gunbot users can run their bot with confidence knowing assets deposited on Beaxy Exchange are backed by Curv’s institutional-grade crypto storage, industry-leading security, and a legacy finance trading API that is more secure.

Industry-leading Security.

Curv is a cloud-based custody provider with military grade protection on cryptocurrency deposits. Funds held on Beaxy Exchange are protected by Curv’s unique decentralized security model of multi-party computing.

Curv eliminates the need for private keys, replacing them with multi-party computation (MPC) protocols that enable transactions to be securely signed in a distributed manner that eliminates any single point of failure.

Additionally, to insure the six major fiat currencies that are supported on Beaxy, FDIC insurance is provided through Prime Trust – Beaxy’s US Trust partner. FDIC insurance covers fiat holdings up to $250,000 per account.

Trade With Your Fees: Beaxy’s Deposit Match Program

Beaxy has a tiered fee structure that starts with 0.15% maker fees and 0.25% taker fee.  Trading fees can be reduced by maintaining higher levels of average daily volume and holding more BXY tokens on the exchange.

Beaxy’s Deposit Match Program

For a limited time, Beaxy is rebating high-volume traders in advance with a deposit match bonus.

Beaxy Exchange will match every dollar that is deposited up to $500 so that you can trade with your fee rebate. Once you’ve generated 1.5x the amount of your bonus in fees, ~$350,000 within the first 6 months of trading, you can withdraw the bonus and recoup 66% of what you spent on fees. Learn more.

Emotion-Free, Profit-laden Trading by Gunbot

If you’re not already using Gunbot to trade profitably, you will need a valid license for Gunbot and a verified Beaxy account.

Follow the five steps below to install Gunbot, connect your Beaxy account, configure the right strategy, and start trading profitably on autopilot!

Emotion-Free, Profit-laden Trading by Gunbot

Purchase a License

Visit Gunbot to purchase the license you prefer based on your trading needs. The Starter license for instance allows you to connect to one exchange and deploy up to three strategies.

As a special offer, every user who has or purchases a Gunbot license can add Beaxy Exchange in a Gunbot API slot at no additional cost!

Download Gunbot

After purchasing a license, you will receive a download link via email. Gunbot can be run on Windows, MacOS, Linux and ARM.  

Start by unzipping the file and revisit your email for detailed installation instructions.

Now that your Gunbot has been installed, you can access the platform in your preferred browser. 

Download Gunbot

Connect to Beaxy

Connecting Gunbot to Beaxy is easy. Set up an account and get verified in as little as 5 minutes. Then, visit the API Management tab in the My Account section to generate a set of API keys that can be used to connect Gunbot to Beaxy Exchange. 

Connect to Beaxy

After your new API key has been generated, visit the settings section within Gunbot. Start by click on Gunthy Wallet, enter your Gunthy address and save the changes. 

Then, navigate to Swap Exchanges and you will see at least one API key added. In the case this info is not being shown, try reloading the page again until the info is shown.

Add one API in the first slot so you can proceed and add more APIs in the other slots depending on the license you purchased. After adding a new exchange, remember to save the changes. Once you add a new exchange, that API will be the Master Key for that exchange. 

Beaxy Exchange.

To finalize the connection between Gunbot and Beaxy, visit the Exchanges tab within Gunbot, and paste both the public and private keys from your Beaxy account. 

Note: Ensure that you save a copy of your API key and Private key in a secure location.

API key and Private key

Choose a Strategy

Gunbot provides a wide variety of options to modify the strategies that you can implement. Before risking any of your own trading capital, a strategy can be analyzed through testing when you utilize Gunbot’s TradingView add-on. Gunbot also provides pre-built strategies that only require you to consider your trading limits. More details regarding the pre-set strategies on Gunbot are made available via email when you purchase a Gunbot License. For more detailed instructions on configuring a particular strategy, check out this setup guide.

Choose a Strategy

Choose a Trading Pair

After deciding on a strategy, finding the right trading pair to deploy it on is your final step. It is recommended that you lean towards trading paris with adequate liquidity and consistent moves of more than 1.5%. Every trading pair on Beaxy Exchange can be accessed through Gunbot. Trade on every pair available on Beaxy Exchange when you connect Gunbot. 

Choose a Trading Pair

24/7 profit-laden, “emotionless” trading!

24/7 profit-laden, “emotionless” trading!

Now that you have made all of the necessary configurations, click Start Trading to begin trading algorithmically and configure your bot to autopilot profits.