Earn a 30% Commission on Each Referral’s Trading Fees Forever

December 07, 2020 | 

Commission on Each Referral’s Trading Fees

Referrals are extremely valuable and we would be silly not to prioritize them.  We’ve written an article about our referral program and the incentives we are building into your trading experience at Beaxy.  We think crypto is more fun when played as a team sport, so our new terms pay you to bring your friends.

To begin, it’s important that we acknowledge the power of referral marketing.  We’re all more likely to follow the lead of a friend than to walk into the unknown solo.  This is especially the case in crypto where many people see a scam waiting at every turn unless that turn has been green lighted by a trusted source.  Every trader in our community should feel empowered to bring their friends along, and we want to reward them for doing so.  Now as the tribe grows, so will your bottom line.  

Many of the most successful growth campaigns ever run were referral marketing campaigns. Companies known for crushing it include:

UBER ($40+bn) 

AirBNB ($38bn)

GrubHub ($12bn)

Binance ($8bn)

You get the idea.

Beaxy 2’s affiliate program

Digital asset investors and traders are now qualified to earn 30% of the trading fees that are generated by whomever they refer to sign up for Beaxy.  Referrers are eligible to earn these rewards for the lifetime of the referrals account.

Beaxy 2’s affiliate program

How the program works

Each Beaxy Exchange account holder has a unique referral link attached to their account.  This referral link can be copied in the My Account section of a verified user’s account.  The account holder will begin to earn 30% of their referral’s fees when the referral creates a Beaxy account through the unique link provided by the referrer and begins to execute trades. 

Once you start using referral links, you can track your progress under the new Referrals tab in My Account.  Here the platform provides a convenient readout of every account that you have signed up with your referral link as well as the total share of fees that you have earned for the lifetime of your account.

Commissions that you earn are automatically added to your Beaxy Exchange balance.  Start earning 30% of your referral’s trading fees when you share your link with other traders and encourage them to do the same.

How to make more than $10,000 with your referral link

To get an idea of the possibilities you can generate with your Beaxy Exchange referral link, follow the example below.  (Assuming the accounts referred by you are paying a standard entry-tier fee of 0.25% for taker orders and 0.15% on maker orders.)

According to data compiled by top cryptocurrency exchanges, the average value of a crypto trade is roughly $2,500.  If you refer 40 traders to the exchange that make a trade every other day, your referrals would generate, on average, a total of $18,250,000 in volume per year. At this level, the accounts you referred would incur approximately $45,625 in total trading fees. Of which, you would earn $13,687.50 straight to the balance in your Beaxy Exchange account.

Getting the most out of your referral link

The first step toward generating a meaningful return through Beaxy’s referral program is to share your referral link as far and as wide as possible. The best place to start is with friends, family, and your audience across any social media platforms that you use. 

The second key area of importance is ensuring that your referrals are up to speed on everything Beaxy has to offer.  Use the list below to inform your referrals about the features, programs, and exclusive trading tools that will help them generate volume, while deploying more refined trading strategies.

Unparalleled access to global markets

Beaxy supports deposits, withdrawals, and trading for six of the world’s most popular fiat currencies.  Giving Beaxy’s traders unparalleled access to global markets.  Move in and out of digital assets with USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, and CAD.

Industry-leading security

Beaxy’s cloud-based custody provider, Curv, eliminates the need for private keys by deploying multi-party computation (MPC) protocols that eliminate any single point of failure.  Through Beaxy’s partnership with Prime Trust, all fiat currency holdings are insured up to $250,000 per account.

Automated technical analysis that works

Signals by Beaxy Exchange, an exclusive assistive trading tool, compiles market data to automatically give you professional-grade technical analysis on more than 35 different assets. Signals take the pain and guesswork out of trading and have a 63%+ win-rate!  Check out the chart of your favorite assets to see what the Signals are predicting. 

On the Beaxy iOS and Android apps,  Trender uses all of the predictive information from Signals and refines your experience down to an educated swipe.  Akin to mobile dating apps, Trender matches you with the perfect trade.  When you come across an appealing chart setup on a digital asset that you are interested in, swipe to the right to follow the sophisticated AI and open the position.  Don’t like the trade provided by Trender?  Swipe left to see more predictions.

Deposit match bonus

For a limited time, your referrals can take part in Beaxy’s one of a kind match bonus program. Well-suited for high volume traders, the match bonus program allows your referrals to double their deposit on Beaxy up to $500.  Your referrals can trade with these bonus funds, and once they’ve generated 1.5x the amount of their bonus in fees, the funds are theirs to keep.  This provides referrals with a 60%+ rebate on the fees they pay to trade on Beaxy. Learn more.

Start earning today

Today is a perfect day to start turning your referral link into a gold mine.  We look forward to filling your balance up with your piece of the pie.

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