Beaxy’s New Team Call Podcast

August 09, 2021 | 

Beaxy’s New Team Call Podcast

Beaxy’s new Team Call podcast gives you an unfiltered glimpse into the day-to-day operations of the Beaxy Team and our thoughts on the cryptocurrency markets as they evolve.

The Origin of Team Call: Why Do a Podcast?

One of the longest-standing and most common complaints of cryptocurrency exchanges is that most are too inaccessible at the human-to-human level. These complaints are often well-founded and hinder the ability of the average crypto trader to trust and have confidence in the exchange they are using and the industry as a whole.

More specifically, the critiques are pointed at shoddy customer support or a general absence of trust created by executives or staff that are never heard from.

As a team, we at Beaxy have used other exchanges when needed. We too have had issues across the board that required assistance from customer support and seldom hear back from a human that is prepared and willing to help solve the problem within a reasonable time frame.

We believe that when people’s money, and possibly their livelihood is in the balance, legitimate customer support and human-to-human interfacing is an ethical necessity. And while the industry standard, unfortunately, continues to result in sub-par customer support. We are 100% confident that our support staff is addressing every ticket we receive directly, and in a timely manner.

At the same time, we’ve also avoided certain exchanges when they may have added convenience because they operate with virtually zero transparency and the team is rarely heard from.

It seems obvious to us that you can’t expect people, in the long-term, to trust you with their money if they don’t know anything about you or the way you perceive the world. For this reason, the Beaxy team maintains Telegram channels that are available to all clients so that they can reach us whenever they need to. And, we aren’t stopping there.

Enter the Team Call Podcast. At its most essential point, the podcast is meant to provide an unvarnished look into the day-to-day operations of a cryptocurrency exchange startup. Each episode is taken directly from our team’s morning meetings where we briefly recap where we stand, provide our thoughts on the crypto markets, and determine where to prioritize our focus and resources for the near, medium, and long term.

The ultimate goal of the Team Call podcast is to be an interesting, fun, and entertaining way to get to know the Beaxy team and hear about our experiences and efforts growing Beaxy Exchange.

Episode Recap

The first four episodes of the Team Call podcast are already available on Apple Podcasts. Each show is cut directly from the team’s morning meetings where they sync up for the day and share any new insights.

Team Call participants may include:

  • Bay Abbott (Co-President)
  • Cooper Craighead (Head of Customer Service)
  • James Carney (Marketing Co-Director)
  • Naeem Master (Head of Operations)
  • Nick Murphy (Co-President)
  • Steve Sofocleous (Marketing Co-Director)

Team Call 1

In the introductory episode of Team Call, including Bay, James, Cooper, and Steve, the team discussed new developments with Gunbot’s integration of Beaxy Exchange. Followed by a breakdown of cryptocurrency mining energy use. The team looks at potential avenues for a greener crypto industry. A planning session is kicked off to prepare the exchange for a migration to a new and improved blockchain component. The episode closes by covering the aspects of legacy financial firms that crypto still needs to overcome.

Team Call 2

Team Call 2 opens with more updates regarding the Gunbot integration followed by an analysis of BTC’s momentum indicators (SMA and MACD) and range consolidation. Bay talks about his upcoming trip to Miami for a Bitcoin conference. The team brainstorms for a tagline to display in the Apple App Store for an iOS widget. The second episode ends with a discussion about the need for more animated cryptocurrency content.

Team Call 3

The third episode of the Team Call podcast opens with the team getting updated on where development stands on the Gunbot front. Planning begins for a new platform widget to greatly expand Beaxy’s reach. Next, the team discusses development work on automated push notifications that can alert clients the moment a new Signal is generated. The team speculates on coordinated crypto FUD and Steve breaks down the BTC’s price action and what to look for in the coming weeks. Things get colorful toward the end with a crypto cartoon discussion.

Team Call 4

While Steve was out, Bay, James, and Cooper go over new partnership opportunities for the exchange and discuss BTC price action after some market-shaking news. Team Call 4 ends with a refresher on Triangular Arbitrage, a strategy that some traders on Beaxy are using to great effect.

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New episodes of the Team Call podcast are published every two weeks.

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Team Call

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