Trender: A Revolutionary Swipe-Based Trading App Powered by Beaxy Exchange

July 30, 2020 | 

A Revolutionary Swipe-Based Trading App

“Traders of all skillsets are falling in love with this app. Imagine a version of Tinder where you get high-probability suggestions on what your match wants to hear. Trender is that for trading. It doesn’t just match you with trades – it enables you to brilliantly close deal after deal by providing you with AI-powered signals based on proven predictive methods. Becoming a professional trader takes years of hard work. With Trender, you can trade like a pro with one simple swipe.” 

Speculative trading has exceedingly high barriers to entry. In recent years, software has made accessing markets easier. But what do you do once you get access? That’s where the real barriers begin. Professional traders, those who are consistently profitable, typically have years of painful losses in their past.

Why is that?

Let’s describe a typical trader who is successful. Consider that no one can actually perfect these characteristics. That being said, profitable traders have no: biases, fear, or greed. They are also equipped with a heaping dose of discipline and self-control. 

Bias will have you believing you can make predictions like a fortune teller. Fear will make you close positions way too early, and greed will keep you in them far longer than you should be. Almost always resulting in losses, these are undoubtedly the biggest pain points for speculative traders. 

At Beaxy, we’ve been laser-focused on these problems for years. And now, we are delivering the solution.

Introducing Trender

Trender is a revolutionary swipe-based trading platform that significantly reduces your need to be unbiased, fearless, and without greed. Beaxy Exchange has leveraged AI-powered technical analysis and delivered it right to your phone, for free! You no longer need to hang in the balance for years while you improve your skills. AI analytics do all of the heavy lifting for you. 

How it works

Trender is like Tinder for trading. Swipe through charts with professional-grade technical analysis and price targets prepopulated on them. See a setup you like? Swipe right to take the trade and follow the AI-generated signal. Don’t like the setup? Swipe left and explore different indicators and strategies.

To trade like a pro with a swipe of the finger, click here to download the Beaxy Exchange mobile app. Once you’ve logged in, hit the Trender button (highlighted below) from any tab in the app.

Download the Beaxy Exchange mobile app

At this point, you can start swiping through signals. In the example below, the AI-powered signal has found an ascending wedge for you and show you how a professional would chart this pattern for BCH/BTC. You can also see the forecasted price based on the pattern that is automatically drawn out. 

If you want to take this trade, swipe right and send your order. If you want to see what’s next, swipe left and keep browsing. To adjust the signals that are provided to you, tap the filter button in the top right corner. 

AI-powered signal

Here can you can choose setups based on their strength, timeframe, or include only the assets in your favorites group. If you want to swing trade a position, you can pick higher timeframes. On the other hand, you can select only shorter timeframes if you want to day trade. 

Setups based on their strength

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