What is GO?


How to Buy GoChain

Much like any other cryptocurrency, an interested crypto buyer can purchase GoChain through a legitimate coin exchange platform. At present, you can buy GO on Beaxy by utilizing the GO-BTC trading pair. Follow the steps below to complete the process. 

1. Open a Beaxy account

Go to Beaxy.com and submit a registration form. Next, upload the identification documents to pass KYC. 

2. Fund your account

Now that your account’s KYC is passed, deposit or buy Bitcoin to gain n access the GO-BTC trading pair. 

3. Buy or Sell GO

Once you have BTC in your wallet, find the GO-BTC trading pair on Beaxy and enter an order for the amount of GO you want to buy. 

Payout options

In addition to easy purchase, GoChain ups its competency by offering international wire transfers to the token holder’s bank should his or her account balance reach  

$1,000. And while the process is electronic and therefore automated, GoChain’s support team is more than amenable to figuring out a schedule that suits the client’s schedule. 

Available payouts may be done through EUR, GBP, SGD, and EUR.


Outgoing wire fees are absent from GoChain’s system. However, it must be noted that the token holder’s bank will be charging a receiving fee deducted from the wire’s proceeds.

As this is the case, GoChain gives its clients a breather compared to the other electronic transactions that they perform with other online financial entities.

Regions not reached

While GoChain is expansive in itself, the fact of the matter is, the crypto is actually met with some limitations. In the United States, GoChain does not service merchants coming from New York due to state regulations.

Outside the country, GoChain do not serve the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Balkans
  • Belarus
  • Burma (Myanmar)
  • Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
  • Cuba
  • Congo
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Zimbabwe

It is projected that GoChain will rise above these limitations and expand fully across the globe. It does however note that certain territorial regulations are set in place and are completely non-negotiable. Nevertheless, GoChains aims to get the proper regulatory requirements to render its services farther.

Acceptance of credit cards

GoChain serves as a substitute to credit card processing. GoChain offers its partner merchants the function of accepting other altcoins, even its forerunner Bitcoin, included. As this is the case, it is apparent that GoChain does not service credit cards.

GoChain’s Current Value and Price in the Crypto Market

As of 10:17 AM GMT, the SouthXchange platform sells GoChain at $ 0.000028, with its 24-hour volume at $ 0.00 — $ 0.000028 and its ATH at $ 0.034456 (-100%).

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Trading GoChain

Apart from what GoChain’s site establishes, the coin having low fees, zero risks, and zero chances of fraud, GoChain allows merchants the capability of receiving payments not only through Bitcoins, but through other digital coins as well, namely, Dogecoin and Litecoin.

Through GoChain’s integration, the coin is turned into a payment option to over 120,000 online merchants who administer their sales through the Shopify platform. To date, GoChain’s list of merchants continues to grow. Among GoChain’s notable clients are American innovation companies like General Electric and Tesla Motors.

With this, enumerating the many advantages that users are privy to with GoChain is in order. But of course, to make the case fair, the succeeding discussion will also touch on some negative points.


1. Twice the value!

Being an altcoin earned after on-demand trips and advanced-bookings with GoCatch, users can get twice the value from GoChain. Every coin entitles a user to 2c back with every $1 spent through the booking company.

2. No expiry

What needs to be cleared with GoChains is that these are not qualified as mere points. That being said, it is clear that the coins have no expiry dates. As such, the client need not fret about possible expiration deadlines or purchasing items not needed in the first place just to not waste perishable value.

3. Easy redemption

Redeeming GoChains is easy. All that the user needs to do is buy a GoCatch digital gift card through the GoChain’s app through his or her coin balance and, well, take a trip.

4. Transfer with ease

GoChains are earned for every trip, may it be personal or business-related. These can easily be transferred to either relatives or friends, thus giving the user the capability of sharing free rides and rewards.

5. Proof of reputation

GoChain uses companies instead of individuals to validate transactions. This is owed to the logic that corporate entities are more likely to be honest in disclosure lest they want to soil their reputation. Hence, this helps to safeguard the system from bad actors.


Apart from a review regarding GoChain’s payment possessing spreads that are too wide, the online community finds GoChain to bear no fault, let alone any negative run-ins with clients.

As such, GoChain is seen as a more-than-viable digital asset to trade. However, it must be noted that the coin has a long way to go, meaning that the coin will definitely come up with more innovations that will prop it further as a valuable cryptocurrency. 

The Best Gochain Wallet – How to Choose the Best Wallet for this Cryptocurrency

Second to determining the crypto that would fit the trader’s lifestyle is determining how the user would keep his or her digital assets. Of course, a non-physical wallet is definitive of good storage alongside powerful and risk-free and secured hardware. 

Hardware requirements are at low with GoChain’s wallet application. The only thing that the user has to have is the capability of building it with a specific architecture. Once this is determined, the application’s build should be able to work.

It must be noted that the GoChain wallet had been used and have worked through a Raspberry Pi model A.

With a light cast on GoChain’s security, developers and users agree that the wallet be run through an encrypted file system. This should be done with a swap file that is effectively encrypted. It is then highly recommended that the PC to be used for the purpose of keeping this wallet, has never been connected to any network.

The electronic wallet is Type-2 deterministic, (can, therefore, generate Type-2 deterministic keys/addresses) and its password is seed-based. The only thing important here is that the user remember his or her password, thus rendering the need to create backup unnecessarily.

In addition, GoChain has the function of importing private keys from an already existing and functioning wallet. What must be observed from this is that the wallet should be in Base 58 Wallet Import format.

The wallet supports (partial) the signing of P2SH multi-sig transactions. Specifically, these use the OP_CHECKMULTISIG opcode.

As implemented in Dark Wallet, the GoChain wallet supports spending to stealth addresses.