What is HIVE?


How to Buy HIVE?

Since HIVE is a cryptocurrency, you can buy, sell, or trade it on some digital asset exchanges like Beaxy Exchange.

To buy HIVE cryptocurrency on Beaxy.com, you only need to follow these simple steps:

1) Go to Beaxy.com’s homepage and look for the “Registration” button. This can be found on the topmost part of the page alongside other menu options. Enter your email address and a secure password to generate your free account.

2) Next you will verify your account. Submit some basic information that will be used to authenticate your identity. This process also helps to further secure your account from being accessed by unauthorised parties. KYC on Beaxy Exchange takes less than five minutes on average.

3) Deposit funds to your account with dozens of cryptocurrencies, wire transfer, debit, or credit card. Our credit card simplex enables Beaxy to accept credit card payments in more than a dozen fiat currencies. If you are using your bank account to initiate a wire transfer, you can choose to fund it in U.S. dollars, Euros, the Great British Pound, Japanese Yen, the Canadian dollar, and the Australian dollar. Through our US Trust partner, Prime Trust, all fiat currency holdings on Beaxy Exchange are backed by FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per account.

4) After your account is verified and funded, select any of the HIVE trading pairs on the exchange. You can trade for HIVE tokens directly if you have BTC in your account. Otherwise simply convert your balance to BTC on the exchange and proceed to the HIVE-BTC trading pair. For an immediate exchange of your BTC to HIVE tokens, enter a market order for the quantity of HIVE that you want to own. If you want to wait and buy the HIVE tokens at a specific price level, enter a limit order with the amount of HIVE tokens you want as well as the price that you want to purchase them at. In this case, the order will remain open until the price you entered is reached or until the order is canceled.

5) Once your buy order has been executed, your HIVE cryptocurrencies will automatically reflect on your account.

HIVE value and price

The current value of HIVE as of 121 August 2020 is $0.13 after gaining 3.0% in the past 24 hours. There are about 400 million HIVE tokens circulating in the market. It has a market capitalization of $55 million and ranked at the 90th spot. Its current exchange rate with Bitcoin is 1 HIVE = 0.00001070 Bitcoin.

HIVE’s 24-hour low and 24-hour high are $0.13 and $0.141, respectively. Its 7-day low and 7-day high are $0.13 and $0.19199, respectively. HIVE’s recorded all-time high is $0.970450 and its all-time low is $0.087309.

HIVE advantages and disadvantages

HIVE was created after a hard fork of the STEEM network that followed a contentious fight to keep the STEEM platform decentralized. HIVE seeks to improve of the social media solutions provided by the STEEM network while also remaining a decentralzied platform and adding additional features like support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Any cryptocurrency, or any asset for that matter, has its fair share of good qualities and risks. Even the most widely-traded cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is known to experience extreme levels of volatility.

HIVE technology has advantages that are not offered in more popular cryptocurrencies.


● HIVE is an open-source social-based blockchain-powered by Graphene that forwards the incorporation of blockchain technologies in traditional capital markets. It also forwards Web 3.0, which is a revolutionary take on Web technology. In the near future, blockchain technology could potentially be a part of the entire web. For these reasons, HIVE’s vision could be widely pursued in the coming years, making it a good investment right now.

● HIVE has three types of tokens, namely: HIVE, which is the base and tradable liquid cryptocurrency in the platform, HIVE Power, which is used to measure a user’s influence in the Hive network, and HIVE Dollars, which are USD-backed stablecoins with each token equivalent to $1. HIVE Dollars can be traded just like HIVE and can also be exchanged for it. 

Despite all these good qualities, HIVE also has its share of disadvantages. Just like any cryptocurrency, HIVE has gone through lows and highs in the market. However, these disadvantages or risks can be turned upside down.

Best HIVE wallet – how to choose it

When it comes to choosing a wallet for your HIVE cryptocurrencies and other assets, it is always best to survey the market first. You will want to pick the perfect wallet for your assets by checklisting all the important qualities that you need. After all, your assets are your investments, so they need to be kept secure. 

HIVE has an official crypto wallet which is native to a client’s HIVE account. The HIVEWallet is the most secure and most compatible crypto wallet as it is designed specifically for carrying HIVE tokens. 

Also, there are six other cryptocurrency wallets that are compatible with HIVE. All of these are accessible through Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux, and Web. The wide availability of these wallets is another advantage for crypto enthusiasts. Here are some of the wallets recommended for keeping your HIVE cryptocurrencies:

HIVEWallet – this is the official wallet for HIVE. It is a mobile application available for iOS and Android. Ensures security of funds and convenience through the use of QR codes. It also allows multiple accounts.

Vessel – this is a desktop wallet that was originally launched for Steem. This is among HIVE crypto owners top picks in choosing a secure and reliable wallet.

Keychain – this is a Chrome extension wallet that lets users view Hive dApps on their browser.

Esteem – this is not only a wallet but also acts as a social media platform for HIVE owners where each can create posts, surf his feed, comment, reply, and vote for what he likes. With Esteem, you can do HIVE social surfing as well as keep your HIVE tokens safe.

HiveSigner – works similarly to the Keychain, this wallet is also a Chrome extension app where you can manage your private keys.