What is Wagerr?


Wagerr is a cryptocurrency token that is the native asset for an online betting platform with the same name. You can buy Wagerr tokens in minutes when you create a free account on Beaxy.


To begin this process, start by going to Beaxy.com and completing a registration form to create your free account. After you have established your account, you can proceed to the quick and easy verification process. You will need to verify your account in order to enter trade orders and submit withdrawals.


After you verify your account you will need to add funds that can be used to buy Wagerr tokens. You can fund your account with cash, crypto, or a credit card. In order to trade for Wagerr on Beaxy, you will need to use BTC.


Once your account is verified and funded, simply select the Wagerr-BTC pair on the exhcngae and enter a buy order for the amount of Wagerr tokens that you would lke own.

Wagerr value and price

Wagerr is a highly confined crypto resource. Its purpose is to be used in betting, or in accumulating, but not trading. You can use it for trade, of course – a lot of things can be used for trading, but it’s not effective. It’s the only convertible into BTC, sometimes USD or ETH.


It doesn’t mean however that you can’t draw profit from observing the growing and falling of WGR’s price. In fact, one of the main purposes of this crypto is to help people benefit from simply holding it. The value of accumulated wealth must steadily climb, at least in theory. The process of ‘value coupling’ is there to help.


Value coupling basically is the process of destroying extra currency whenever the house (Wagerr Co) receives its fees from winnings. Out of 6% fees from winnings, almost 50% are destroyed. It helps increase the value of the coin. In essence, each time you win, the value of your funds additionally increases due to value coupling.


Despite all this, WGR’s value is still limited. It can’t be used to trade freely and it is only accessible on certain platforms. All tokens share this plight, and because of their inclusivity, most of them don’t have a very high market price.


Selling 1 WGR would give you roughly 0.000004 BTC as of September 2020. Such small fractions are common, but WGR’s price is actually low even compared to other tokens. For instance, a popular token BAT costs 0.00002 BTC (5 times as much), while a role-model token 0x is about 0.00003 BTC.


It’s certainly not the most pricy. You should note 4 things, however:


1. WGR is not meant for large-scale trading, you shouldn’t expect big trading potential from it;


2. WGR steadily grows for a long time now, that’s why it’s relatively predictable and beneficial to hold;


3. WGR is meant to be handled in large quantities, not in tens or hundreds;


4. Each token is still worth 4 cents

Wagerr advantages and disadvantages

Well, one of the main disadvantages of this crypto has just been mentioned – each individual token isn’t terribly valuable. They are obviously valuable if you accumulate them and some large quantity of them. It’s not too hard to do, not if you know how to bet and what precautions to make.


And it’s actually the second major downside. Usually, tokens are given freely under some conditions. One such program of distribution is called ICO – Initial Coin Offer. According to this program, everyone who invested a sum of money into an associated project gets tokens as compensation. Later these tokens are used as an inner currency of sorts.


However, Wagerr never did this or any other program of distribution. The only official way of getting the tokens for free is called Oracle. It’s a program that incentivizes the data gathering. Data from successful bets is collected, and the collectors are rewarded with these WGR tokens.


It’s a disadvantage because you can pretty much only receive new coins by betting, buying or waiting. The most reliable method of getting the new tokens for minimum investments is betting. And it’s a problem. Betting may sound like something akin to trading, but gambling of such sorts is much riskier.


After all, the bets are placed on the outcome of the sports events. It means that your profits directly depend on the human factor, whereas trading can only be connected to this variable very remotely, guaranteeing at least some semblance of predictability. Wagerr confines you to betting, and it’s not a very good fact.


These disadvantages, however, are very relative. Maybe you want a good token for betting, maybe you won’t be betting anyway. These downsides are necessary to mention, but overall Wagerr is a pleasant resource.


The measures undertaken to sustain and increase the value of this crypto have proven fairly effective. The token likely was never distributed through ICO, so there never was any initial worth. It means all this value was built from scratch. Keep in mind that the platform is only 2 years old. It means that this token is very stable and ever-growing (if not too quickly).


Another good side of this interesting token is that it’s fairly transparent – a quality often overlooked by many. You get to accumulate the WGR to significant amounts, transfer them to wherever, and not worry about a thing. Not to mention that the semi-official connections between wagerr.com and the exchanges it associates itself with enable fast transfers of money without too many problems.

Best Wagerr wallet – how to choose

Crypto wallets are meant to keep your cryptocurrencies and tokens safely until you decide to put them to good use. There are many types of wallets, some specifically focusing of Bitcoin, others – on Ethereum or on tokens. Sadly, it’s unlikely that any such wallet supports Wagerr, therefore you can only compare the existing official wallet and the platform that can serve as wallets.


First, let’s discuss the Wagerr Wallet – an official mobile app with extensive features. It only supports the WGR tokens, but the software compensates for this absence of financial variety with a functional variety. Not only does this Wallet allow you to keep your WGR in one place, but it shows their current dollar value and lets you actually place bets with this fortune. It’s actually one of the two primary methods of betting on Wagerr.


Another way of keeping your savings safe is by keeping them on a mediator exchange of your choice. The mediator exchanges are the handful of supported platforms that were mentioned before. Pick the one that you like the most and use it as your small unorthodox wallet. The downsides are that they may not be safe, exchanges aren’t always completely safe. A very nice upside is that you can withdraw them anywhere (be that Wagerr Wallet or other exchange like Beaxy) very quickly.